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SBS Australia licenses 2 series of Top Gear

May 22, 2004
Sydney, Oz

Australia's SBS Television has licensed two series of irreverent BBC motor magazine Top Gear from BBC Worldwide Australasia, it was announced today.

The series will air on the network over the next few months.

Matt Campbell, SBS TV' s network programmer, said of the pick-up: "Top Gear is a car show for grown-ups that takes car culture seriously, but not too seriously. It is a show with broad appeal."

Profiling super cars, stunts, time trials, celebrity races and road tests, the show is known for the acerbic wit of its presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. In the UK, Top Gear regularly attracts more than 4.5 million viewers (40% of them female) to BBC2, and is the channel' s most-watched programme. The show was nominated for an International Emmy award earlier this week.

Top Gear airs globally on channels from Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Netherlands and Israel to the Philippines and New Zealand, as well as BBC international channels BBC Prime, BBC Asia and BBC Japan.

Great news, lets just hope we get the full show and it's not the BBC World chop job. :thumbsup:

I reckon it'd be the full show, SBS don't show ads so why would they show the chop version?
WOOOHOOO!! In the words of Big Kev, I'm Excited!!!

Finally a decent car show for Aussie TV!!
SBS has really stepped their broadcasting up a notch lately.

They have Mythbusters which, within my friendship group, is THE show to watch on a Monday night.

They had The Ashes.

As usual, they have a good range of soccer (football, schwhatever), actually, good range of sport really.

And now the best car show in the world! Hurrah!
flyingfridge said:
WOOOHOOO!! In the words of Big Kev, I'm Excited!!!

Finally a decent car show for Aussie TV!!
What? Isnt "The Car Show" good enough for ya :lol: :p
:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Normally, I'm not big on smileys, but this is fantastic news. I've tried to convert friends to TG, but a DIVX download isn't as convenient as FTA TV.

I fear for the longevity of Drive TV in the wake of this announcement though.
Who gives a shit about Drive TV when there's Top Gear to be had?
Hmm I'm waiting to see what version they show - it's licensed from BBC Worldwide, which has me thinking it's the 30min chop version :(

But it's still great news that SBS are showing interest in the show :thumbsup:
That is brilliant! All I seem to watch now is SBS.

Question is, which two series? Current ones?
What's Drive TV? Is it on cable?

I wonder why SBS doesn't show the English version of Auto Motor Und Sport TV? I'm pretty sure they are the one's that bring it in as there is no way Briz31 TV could pay for it being a community TV station. It would allow me to capture the vids that I share on emule digitally instead of the analog that I currently use.
Channel 31 (perth) show the episodes of Auto Motor und Sport. I don't really like it that much to bother with capturing it, plus my capture card is currently at work.

DriveTV is a new motoring show starting on Ch10 this week.
Drive TV is a colaberation between Channel 10 and drive.com.au, hosted by Michael Stahl. The thing that cracks me up is the Hot Lap segment...
Then, our "The Chip" will take the car for 1 lap ? The HOT LAP! The lap time will be recorded and presented on "The Chequered Flag Pole"
Sound awfully familiar...
yeah we had a good laugh about that when it was initially announced. Although 'The Chip' sounds a hell of a lot better than the original name, 'The Speed Steerer'
I would usually only watch SBS for their Saturday night porno :lol: