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School starting...


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Jul 30, 2005
Well, tomorrow (august 25th) is the first day of school here, in US. And...I'll probably have to follow Leppy's example (not completely) :( and start making less posts on this forum. Unfortunately, this is my junior year (the hardest and the most important of high school) so I have to concentrate on it. Last year I had a GPA of 3.86 and I'm hoping this year to stay at least the same. However, I'm not gonna leave completely (too many great people here :) ), once FinalGear is in your blood, you cant ignore it. As I'm sure Leppy will come back sooner or later. Happily, there arent as many posts/day as before which is somehow better cause I dont have to read 2-3 pages of posts since last visit, at the end of the day :roll:. Right now I'm 17 and I have to concentrate on Math (which I love) and Physics (not a big fan of it) if I want to go towards mechanical engineering (and I do..)

Probably this is kinda of an useless thread (nobody really cares if I'm not posting anymore or I do it rarely :lol:) but I thought I shall post this anyway.

Yeh juggling real life and Finalgearing can be hard...don't I know it!

So your just getting off ur "summer holz" in the US aye...how long are they and when else do you get holidays. I assume your in public education rite...
Hehe... another fan of Mechanical engineering! :wave:
Just graduated from Uni with Aerospace engineering degree, but did common modules with Mechanical engineers for a couple of years, so have many mech. eng. friends, and tend to do more mechanical engineering on my car than aero. engineering! :)
(Don't let the fact that I'm unemployed put you off - I'm being a bit picky with jobs)
Can tell you now - maths is certainly more important than physics - that's not to say you don't need physics though!

Good luck, and have fun!
High school over here only starts at the end of september... So one month more! Will be mostly working though, earning some money.
I know what its like...

When I have to go to University (currently I don't -> loosing a semester as 90% of the people who strted with me, I only have to do a biochemistry test in november) I can't check the site at all, or only for a very short time every 2 days, since I don't have a computer in my appartment (Maybe that's going to change..) and I don't have that much time while at the University...

Re: School starting...

Volvo_S70 said:
and Physics (not a big fan of it)

Anyways, how many fg'ers go to school or college? (ie, how many are in that age group)

I start at college for this first time on the 29th, but classes don't start for a week after I get there. :)
First day of classes here. School actually started on Monday, but we haven't done anything since, mostly introductions and reviews and policies and crap.

I'm a senior in high school, by the way. 8)
fatmouse said:
Anyways, how many fg'ers go to school or college? (ie, how many are in that age group)

I go to Oslo University College

Fun fact: We call it H?yskole, which basically means highschool directly translated.
fatmouse said:
Anyways, how many fg'ers go to school or college? (ie, how many are in that age group)
I start my Sophomore year of University on the 10th of September. I only have five more days left here with my highschool friends! :cry:
Thanks for the nice words, guys. Luckily, we didnt do much today. We just got our books and met our new teachers. SL55AMG, we ended on may 25th and started on august 25th :) . Next holiday? I have no idea...probably Christmas is the closest one :cry: .

Just graduated from Uni with Aerospace engineering degree.

Congratulations! :thumbsup:
I'm starting a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Communication over the coming weeks, So I'll be in front of a Mac for the next few years with FG minimized anytime someone important strolls past ... :lol:
I'm doing a Mech Eng degree at Birmingham (UK) Uni. I would agree that Maths is more relavent than Physics. I would't worry if you're not great at it though. I'm shit (I got an E at A-Level), but I'm just about OK now, and I'm not alone in my inability to calculate stuff. It seems like a very common thing in engineers LOL!
I started school August 8th...
Dark_Templer_102 said:
Just wondering for everyone who is a highschool student

When do you guys get off?

For summer?

Usually for me its the 3rd to 4th week of June.
All this talk of sophmore's and juniors is confusing me... :bangin:

Here we just have (in secondary school) Year's 7 thru 12 and at Uni we just say what year we're in (I'm in 2nd year, easy), or if you're doing a second degree once you've graduated from your first, you're post-grad...
watto said:
you're post-grad...


Another year and I might have that PhD as well as my BE. Mmm, lots of nice letters to put after your name and to fill up your business card with.

Just get a bit sick of people asking how the PhD is going.

"It's going very slowly. Like lettuce in the back of the fridge. It's starting to secrete black juice everywhere. But maybe if it stays for another year, something interesting might come out of it. That or I might get dysentery."