Season 13, episodes 2,3, and 6...15 minutes long on XBOX?????


Feb 12, 2010
Olive-Worst, CA USA
Lotsa Cars....
I watch my TopGear downloads thru my XBOX via my network. Episodes 2,3 and 6 all show up on my computer just fine, I'm able to watch the whole thing.

But when I watch them from my XBOX, it shows them as 15 minutes long, and when it gets to the 15 minute mark, the screen goes black, but I can still hear the audio....all the way thru the episode.

I wanna see May in Block's WRX screaming around that airport on my 57" HD tv....not my 19" puter monitor....LOL please help....

How can I delete my computer from the list on my XBOX and then redo the network? Will that even help? I even tried to put those 3 episodes in a separate folder and view them....all 15 minutes long....I'm super bummed....
If you can watch these normally on a windows computer then they could just be corrupt or missing index. If they are avi files try using divx fix. do a google search on DivFix++_v0.34-Win32 and download it and run it against the problem file. It will make a new file with divx as the start name and then your file name. Try watching that file and see if it works. If it does then delete the old file and rename the new one to what you want