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Season 2 - Results *BIG UPDATE*


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Oct 4, 2004
Results will be published in this thread, as well as on our website (once firefox has time to update it).

edit: From now on go here:


Discuss overall season standings in this thread. Always double check if I credited you with the right amount of points, after all we all do make mistakes. :)
*ahem* is busy now, but promises to do them some time in the close future. ;)
:thumbsup: I'm 10th, wonder how long that's gonna last :p
Updated with Kyoto/v8 results!

Just to make clear something. You don't get a point every time you race. You only get a point as long as you complete 50% of the race distance(+/- 1-2laps).

Hence, in feature race these guys don't get a point, even though they did race, because out of 40lap distance, at least 19-20laps should have been covered. :)

6. (EAGLE)Dygear (Dygear) FORMULA V8 DNF 1:33.77 16 0
7. RS*R KaiJu (Gabkicks) FORMULA V8 DNF 1:34.49 15 0
8. GraemeH (darthweasel) FORMULA V8 DNF 1:32.75 13 0
Updated with SO Long results.

After one more miss, I'm 7th with a fascinating 25points. <_<
:think: Just noticed, why didn't I get a point for the sprint feb. 18th, I was there all the time, did only half the laps and couldn't cross the line because my sar was too screwed up :|
I didn't know that.

All I saw was from the statistics was:
10. mgkdk (mgkdk) MRT5 DNF 58.14 5 0

I'll give you the point in my excel sheet, so next time the table should be correct. :)

Anyone else that was classified as DNF, but still did 1/2 or more of the race, be it sprint of reature?
Thanks :D
Ok, slight change of plans. 8)

From now one, this thread won't contain any more info about the standings. Why?

Because. :p

I went a bit deeper into analysing, spent 1-2hours/day a in the past few days on this, typing in manually some more data from lfs stat outputs took most the time. Now, this whole thing is still not done, there will be twice as much tables/info/data, once I'm completely finished with it.

So, from now on:
either directly go to:

Or follow the link from here

An important note. Do NOT expect this whole site to be updated on a weekly basis, prt scrn + new document + crop + save as, in PS, for all the tables, is too much work. Main table will be updated regularly, the rest I don't know, on a monthly basis or so.

I'll post here when things get updated. And of course, post here any comments, remarks, suggestions, maybe what more data you would like to see etc. Oh, and obviously if you find any mistake somewhere, please let me know. :)
:shock: Wow! :thumbsup:

pdanev said:
prt scrn + new document + crop + save as
Not sure, but perhaps it would be easier to export it as HTML from excel rather than to use print screen?
In fact I wonder what it would do if you create excel links in MS Word to create the layout, and then tell word to export to HTML. :unsure:
I tried that. Problem is that when you export/save as html some tables become a mess. Vertical text allignment doesn't work, merged cells act weird as well, and text allignment is sometimes off.

But I can try the 2nd method, see if that works. :)
I just tried the MS Word thing, that appears to work for me.

1) In Word go to Insert->Object->Create From File.
Select your excel doc, check link to file and click ok.

2) Right click on the object->Linked Worksheet Object->Edit Link. This will open the spreadsheet.

3) Select a range of cells that you want to display and give it a name.
To do this type the name you want (for example "totals") in the box in the upper left hand corner of Excel that usually shows the cell reference (like "B5") and then press enter.
Now save your Excel doc.

4) Go back to word and right click on the object->Linked Worksheet Object->Links.
Select Change Source, then select your spreadsheet again and click on Item. In there type the name of your excel workbook and cell range (separated with a "!"), for example Results!Totals.

5) It should show the correct range in word now, but go to right click on the object->Linked Worksheet Object->Links to verify it shows Results!Totals in the "Item" column.

6) File->Save as Web Page, and it should do the work for you.

7) After / During making changes to your Excel docs, if you edit the html file with Word, it'll ask if you want to update.
If you say yes, it'll reflect all the changes you've made in Excel.
You can also right click->Update link on the objects to reflect changes you've made in excel while you are editing your html page in word.
It may be easier to edit the html doc with word, instead of opening the word doc and saving as web page all the time.
Another suggestion: It may be cleaner to have two pages: one for alphabetical sort and one by points.
Ummmm..... :shock:


Don't know what else to say other than, I suck...:lol:.

I know, I know....but I'm always this hard on myself.
Thanks for the guide ESPN, will try that tomorrow (2:20AM here atm). :)
Good idea on the 2 page alphabetical sort thing. :thumbup:

Mischief you have to take into account that you missed 4 races. That's a lot. And for the average data for example, I took into account all results, meaning that if you DNF, don't comeplete 50% of the race distance, or are not present, you get a zero score. I know some would say exclude the results where poeple are not present, but that would give an even more distorted picture. If you are present at 1 race only throughout the whole season, and score max points, than the statistical data would be better than for someone like ESPN for example, who races all the time and finishes almost always on podium.

I might include anoteher table though, where only races are taken into account that you have been present on. :)