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Feb 11, 2007
Wollongong, Australia
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From TV Tonight-

Nine?s version of Top Gear Australia will air this month.

Steve Pizzati, who appeared in the series for SBS, is the sole returning host, now joined by Shane Jacobson (Kenny) and Ewen Page, editor of Top Gear Australia magazine.

The series is again produced by Freehand Australia.

It begins with a 90 minute special, ?The Ashes Special,? in which the boys meet the UK host, and is followed by the season premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua.

The Top Gear Australia team, Shane Jacobson, Steve Pizzati and Ewen Page, travel to the UK to meet the original Top Gear hosts for more motoring and mucking about in Top Gear style. It will see the boys travel through the UK, New Zealand and Australia as they get up to their usual antics. Its Australia v England in our Top Gear Ashes Special, will our Aussie boys head back down under with their tails between their legs?

It airs 7:30pm Tuesday September 28th.

By the way, for members who aren't from Australia or Britain, the "Ashes" is a series of cricket test matches that has been regularly played between the English and Australian national teams since 1882. The term has come to be used for other competitions between Australia and the UK, such as rugby league tests.
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Over one and a half thousand views and not one response. :blink:

Either nobody is looking forward to watching this new series and it is going to go down in flames, or there is a search engine indexing spider out there harbouring an unhealthy obsession with FinalGear. :unsure:
I'll respond. :p

Since I work on Tuesday, I'll have to download it when I get back and see how it goes. Good combo I must say, TG and Survivor. I just hope this trio are down to earth.
In summary Yay, boo, oh no are they still persisting with that , who, what, Channel 9, baited breath.

Cheers for the heads up 11 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes.
I'll have to download it since I do not live down under. :) I'm only slightly looking forward to it since my favorite host is not on it now. I'll pass judgement once I see a few eps.
Hoping Season 3 will shine a bit, at least. Hope they don't try n copy the personalities of jezza, hamster and slow
woohoo! Tuesday night is Top Gear night - bunch of uni mates come over and we try and study but usually end up too distracted by top gear :) looking forward to it.
Which one was your favourite host?


I know he was my favourite, with Steve Pizzati a close second. Now, Steve is my favourite by default (unless Ewan or Shane put up a VERY convincing argument otherwise).
I'm hoping it's good, I reckon Season 2 (SBS) was finally starting to get it right.

Then Channel 9 brought out the coat-hanger.
Yeah, they did some other stuff while they were in the UK to warm up before the Ashes. Do NOT miss the bit in the safari park!!!