Season 3 Airdate

Yeah, that bit is hilarious, though the article is a bit misleading when it says that the rhino charged them.
True, unless they decide to air it on GEM as well. Though GEM is being targeted at middle-aged women, so that isn't likely.

Still, they do plan to air sports on GEM so that they can still show them in HD, so TopGear may still get a run.
True, unless they decide to air it on GEM as well. Though GEM is being targeted at middle-aged women, so that isn't likely.

Still, they do plan to air sports on GEM so that they can still show them in HD, so TopGear may still get a run.

Actually, wasn't GO! The middle-aged women channel? At least that's what the article in the paper said the other day....
No, GO! was always desiigned to be a youth channel.

So naturally, they filled it with re-runs of old 60's and 70's sitcoms. :blink:

GEM is deisgned to compete with Seven's main channel, which is more popular with women than Nine is.
It just shows you how rudderless FTA TV in Aus is. "We're making an over 35 Women's channel, but we're going to show sport on it."

I don't think TG or TGA will get a run on Gem, mind you I'm not convinced Gem will be a long term proposition. The way the schedulers (particularly Nein's) try to justify their existence by changing everything, chances are that they'll alienate their target audience, & as any bloke knows, you don't p1ss off a middle aged woman.
The sport problem is an issue arising from how long the digital switchover is taking. Until all TV goes digital, they have to show their main channel in standard definition. The only way they can show the main channel in HD is if it is simulcast. that is why the HD channels are GEM, oneHD, ABC News24 and 7mate instead of the main channels. After the switchover, the networks can make Nine, Ten, ABC1 and Seven their HD channels and the others would go back to SD. In the mean time, Nine needs to show some sport in HD, so it has to be simulcast on GEM even if that doesn't suit the target demographic.
Excuse my ignorance, but what is GEM?

I've not seen it in my e-guide on the tv. (Before anyone asks, I'm from Victoria).

EDIT: Ah rightio, just looked it up. What a fail whale that'll be.
GEM (General Entertainment and Movies) is the new channel that will be replacing NineHD and WINHD on Friday. Another new channel - 7mate, aimed at men - will be replacing 7HD and PrimeHD on Saturday. Ten will be introducing their third channell next year. It will be called 11.
I hope they aren't showing this one episode and they waiting until the Commonwealth Games are over before showing the rest.

Hasn't TEN got the CG's ??
So I'd have thought having TG aired would be better than the disaster that Delhi is going to be.... unless we all watch it to see which building falls down
Channel 10/ONE HD has the Commonwealth Games.

On the news earlier they announced part of the weightlifting building collapsed, and the day before a bridge collapsed injuring 23.

Good work there India.
I am looking forward to the new episode and will watch it enthusiastically. I support "Australian made" stuff and I hope we can be proud of this show rather than crap on about trivial little things. Good luck Steve, Ewen & Shane.

Sums up my thoughts perfectly!
I don't know who has the Games. But I've heard mention of TGA being on after them.
That's right. Nine's press release:
Top Gear: The Ashes Special will be 90 minutes of fuel-injected motoring and mates mucking about.

In this special episode our three Aussie hosts ? Shane Jacobson, Ewen Page and Steve Pizzati ? travel to the UK to take on the mighty British Top Gear team of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Will our Aussie boys come out on top or will they come home with their tails between their legs?

The boys will be up to their usual antics, and the Aussies will go head-to-head with the Poms in some tougher than usual challenges. For example, our team will race a classic Aussie ute against a British delivery van driven by the UK lads.

Our boys speed through the Isle of Man, which has no speed limits, in a range of specialised British super cars, including an Ariel Atom, a Radical and a very rare Ginetta. These cars are what speed demons dream about.

Then, in typical Top Gear fashion, the guys set out across the UK in the worst British cars ever made. One is the infamous 1960s electric car called The Peel. As the boys drive off they find themselves in a very tricky situation in a safari park. Steve Pizzati gets a little too up close and personal with a rhino when it charges his car. Who comes out of this the winner, the rhino or The Peel?

Armed with British motoring knowledge, our three Aussie hosts return to the middle of England to face off against the UK Top Gear hosts. Challenges include a drag race, sheep herding, a rally, and an upside-down car race.

The Brits and the Aussies have been rivals for well over a century since the Ashes cricket series began. Clarkson, May and Hammond up against Jacobson, Page and Pizzati cements the bitter rivalry between the two sport and car-loving nations. Will our boys bring the Top Gear urn back home and beat the pants off the motherland?

Top Gear Australia will launch full-throttle after the Commonwealth Games.