Spoilers: Season 4 Episode 1 Trailer

I'm quite excited for it, boats bring a whole new dimension of stupid antics.
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I don't have high expectations for this episode...
But will see how it goes.
They've always been at their best when they had to deal with situations they couldn't entirely control. And his one looks like it's one of them. Looking forward to it.
This should be good.
It is. Pointless dicking around kept to a minimum and all the better for it. Enjoyed it way more than I expected. Solid 8/10.
Same! That hour and a half went by quickly. I wanted more after it ended.

That said, going into open ocean like that in little speed boats looked incredibly stupid, I'm not sure why they decided to cross over instead of just following the coastline. Sure, it would have taken longer, but at least you wouldn't have endangered people.