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Secret Nikon D70 Features


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Dec 7, 2003
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I've never used a Nikon, but since a lot of you guys use them, here's it.

Digital Camera Tracker has an interesting post on 10 Secret Nikon D70 Features which picks up on an article in Popular Photography's latest edition that highlights the N70's 'secrets'. Here are the first three:

'1. Centerweighted Tip: Custom setting 11 in the menu lets you select 6, 8, 10, or 12mm for center weighted metering.

2. Hollow Battery: Hey, the hollow tube sitting in the D70 is not a fake battery. It's a battery holder that accepts three CR2 lithium cells, and then fits into the camera's standard battery compartment.

3. Now you see them - now you don't grids: Clearly one of Popular Photography magazines favorite features is the on-demand grid lines. You can activate grid lines in setting 8, Grid Display.'



Enjoy. Hope it's usefull.
the grids rock :D

i love it.

the battery holder...i've got two batteries so i don't really care for that too much....

and i have no idea how the metering thing works....i just follow the little + - thing and my pics come out nice :D
I'd hardly say any of those are secrets! The grid display and CR2 battery holder are definitely in the manual, and the centerweighting thing is in there too I think. Thanks for the tips though. I'm sure some people will find them useful :)
I don't use a Nikon, never have, but that was the point, really, that someone will find them useful.
I (l) the D70S, a specially with the 18/200mm lens :D

(I will get a 500 of 600mm if possible :p)