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Jan 14, 2004
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you know those torrent trackers where you need to maintain a ratio?
well, i'm connect to one, and to keep my ratio up, i have to keep seeding the torrents
but most of the time i'm at my gf's home, and she doesn't have that much upload, so i can't seed them there

so i have my pc at home running and seeding, and with teamviewer i add torrents etc
but i do want to watch the video's at my gf's place!

so i'm looking for a switft way to access the files on my home pc
downloading through teamviewer is just way to slow, so right now i upload to an FTP, and download it again

but there must be a simpler way! i'm looking for a way to browse a certain folder on another pc and stream video's from there, without the need to transfer the files
my upload is fast enough to support it, but i don't know any program that allows this...

anybody has an idea?
Sounds like Plex is what you want. It has two components.

First, there's a server which runs as a background service on your desktop, NAS or wherever you keep your files. It indexes your entire collection and downloads metadata and album art. You tell it to watch a folder (or several) on your hard drive and that's that. Tell it to watch your torrent downloads folder and you won't have to care anymore after you've started the download.

Second, you need the player app. The player runs on pretty much everything including desktop OSes, smartphones, tablets, streaming set top boxes and smart tv's. It gives you an interface that looks more or less like Netflix but with your own content.

It works across the internet and the server is capable of transcoding your content if needed, like if the device you're watching it on (or the internet connection) can't handle the resolution or bitrate. I was at a friends house and we decided we wanted to watch something I had on my hard drive at home. I pulled my iPhone out, fired up the Plex app, found the thing and Airplayed to his Apple TV. Done. Didn't eat the iPhone's battery either. I bet the same could have been done with an Android phone and a Chromecast.

The player looks a bit different depending on what device you're using, but this is what it looks like on the Apple TV. Really couch friendly and easy to use. The windows, mac and iOS players are also awesome.

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Thanks! Will check that out

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that's one seriously awesome piece of software!
thanks again for pointing it out to me!
I use plex with a chromecast, the good thing about that is a] it hands off to the chromecast and your tablet/phone basically acts as a remote, and b] you dont have to pay anything for the functionality like you would from using it on your tablet or phone
same here

i first tried to get it running in playonlinux, but gave up on that :D
Plex is quite great. I would also suggest you stop using torrents and get a newsgroups account and use that. It's much faster than torrents and there is never any upload. Only caveat is that it is often hard to find older stuff. On the plus side there are a ton of applications for automating, like Sonarr for shows and Couchpotato for movies.
downloading, i max out my HD at 11MBps
uploading, i can go up to 20MBps

quite fast enough :D

and i looked into newsgroups before, but never got the hang of it
and they aren't free afaik?
Newsgroups are typically free with your ISP but if you are going to be using them for illegal downloads you typically wouldn't want to go that route, so you end up paying like $5-10/mo to some third party that also typically provides you with SSL and sometimes VPN if you want to further obscure your connection.
Then you need to use an indexer site, some are free some are pay for, some are mix. The one I use you can pay for VIP account which cost like $15/year or so and gives you certain things among them is API access (will explain below).
After you have that you would need software that downloads the files and combines them, typically stuff is a bunch of .rars (a multipart archive) so the downloading software (Sabnzb is the most popular) will download all the parts and extract/move however you define them, it can also call post processing scripts (more on that below). In order for the downloading software to get you files you either need to download an .nzb file (think .torrent) or if you are using API access directly tell it to grab the link (kind of like a magnet URI).
You can of course do everything manually but there is some software that makes life easier, for TV shows you have sonarr, you add shows you want to watch, set your preferences:
- where to download
- what the API access for the indexer is (that API thing from above)
- the API for Sabnzb or any other downloader
- where you want it moved
- how you want it named
- what notifications you want (you can set it to send you emails or push notifications when it grabs files, downloads them, tell plex to update libraries)
There is similar software for movies, comics, music, books, etc....

Benefits are:
- Speed is always consistent as your downloading from a server
- Quick availability of new releases (I typically have shows minutes after they finish airing)
- Automating downloading of your media
- This might be specific to US but not uploading media also shields you from DMCA somewhat as companies tend to download FROM you to prove you were infringing.
- Not having to deal with seed ratios

- Older stuff is typically taken down quickly
- Cost
if it costs 5-10$/month and then you need another account at 15$/year, i can just pay for my seed ratio as well (250gig upload for 100$)

i'm not convinced, i'll stick to what i have :)
To each their own, main thing for me is the ability to automate all of my stealing, like the shows I follow are automatically downloaded when new eps come out, put onto Plex and synced up to my phone for offline viewing.
Plex is great on a technical level, but i couldn't find an easy way for it to just show me my folder structure without trying (and failing) to automagically guess what everything is.
you have to add each folder individually if you want to do that.
doesn't work if you have multiple levels though...