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Shootout won play on WMP10


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Feb 18, 2004
I had this problem with my machine because I installed a bunch of different codecs and created a real mess of my system.

Here is how to solve the problem:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX from the Microsoft Windows Updates page.

2. Uninstall all codecs found in Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs

3. Go to Control Panel -> Sounds and Multimedia (or Sounds and Devices)
Click on the Hardware tab and select "Video Codecs" from the list, then click Properties
In the window that opens, select the "Properties" tab.
Click on each entry in the list and click "Remove" until no codecs are installed.

Once you have removed everything, install the following codecs in this order:

1. Windows Media Codecs

2. AC3 Codec

3. XVid Codec

4. Divx Codec
(the free download version will do)

This fixed my system. I haven't had problems playing any movie clip since.
Sorry to say even that doesn't work. I've only had this problem with Clarkson's Shootout. If I try to play it on Media Player Classic or DiVX player it will take a while for the file to load before it plays.
then why do you want to play it on WMP10? it sucks compared to WMC or DivX Player (or BS player offcourse)
Actually, nevermind. It works well on RealPlayer.
install the vlc media player it will resd everything without
any problems or codecs installation ...

search google -- vlc