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Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
it's in to approx 700mb files and the download website it's SLOOOOOOW so I'd like to know how good/bad it is and if it's only parts of previous shows put together...
it's a good movie, you can get that off my ftp if you want, I thought you had gotten it once before though...
nope not shootout, I have 2 of clarkson's dvd, the best of and the one i just got sesterday with Tiff (it's so cool! thanks again! 8) )

and I don't want to suck up all your upload :?
oh ok, no it's no prob about the upload, it's there if you want it though. :p
Ok cool! do you know a proggy that could pase and resume ftp dl's by chance?
got it thanks Cruzz! :D but so far it looks like various clips from Top Gear episodes :?

watching that Rolls around the track is hilarous! :lol:
there are some clip, and there's new footage too.
Well there's more new footage than I thought! Great vid! 8)

And the RX-8 won it's category! :twisted: