Should I buy an iPod Touch?

Should I buy an iPod Touch?

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I have an Iphone 3G and to be honest it is so worth it. Wait it out get a small treat like some chocolate and the wait trust me it is so worth the wait.

The plans from AT&T are horrible. The cheapest one is $70/month and doesn't even include text messaging. That's another $20/month for unlimited. So $90/month vs. $70/month (w/Sprint) for almost the same features. Sprint adds TV, navigation, BIS, and unlimited N&W for less money. So you can see I'd easily pass on the JesusPhone until it comes to Sprint.
Yeah they may be horrible but what a Phone!
hehe guys, you do know there are discounts out there for the ATT plan which will also discount the iphone $30 plan price as well?

So for example... if you're a student at a university, most of the time you can get 15%. If you're working for some tech company, especially those giant ones like IBM, intel, HP, you get a nice 20% to 28%.

I current am using the 28% on my acct... so you do the math.

Actually I still have my Sprint Sero $30 plan for 500 mins. I know it's the best plan on earth but they lack good phones. I'm switching over to the iphone with att as soon as my contract ends.
How could you give up SERO? I have SWAC (like SERO, but more hardcore) for $15/month, no contract, and phone upgrades once a year. Sprint will eventually get a phone with the Android platform so I would hold out to see what happens with that before dropping it.
How much does AT&T rape you for the iPhone 3G plan nowadays? $75/month? $85/month?

True but the OP never asked 'Should i get Sprint 3G vs ATT 3G?'

He's asking if he should get an iPod Touch, and i'm suggesting if he gets the touch, why not combine it with his Cell phone functionality and get the iPhone instead? Why carry around 2 devices (ipod and other cell phone) when he can use one?