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Mar 27, 2005
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Someone suggested it in the "Funny Pictures" thread, so here it is. I'll start off with a ship and a video game hodgepodge:


This was roughly based on the Battleship Bismarck; I managed to stay roughly faithful in terms of gun configuration, but I didn't have enough pieces to get the hull in proportion.


Mushroom Kingdom + Mechwarrior=this.
I used to have a whole desert oasis living compound set up over an entire dinner table in our basement years ago. Started with some of the old Egypt and Ninja sets, I used them as models to build my own mini-mansion thing complete with multi-level living quarters, and working miniature elevator and raising gate. It evolved over two years of construction before my parents wanted the table back and I had to take it all apart and pack away the Legos.
ahhhh wtf

I would have owned this thread back when I was 10
I used to build entire cities with the Town sets I had, with the occasional Johnny Thunder Egyptian Ruins set and my vintage train set, circa 1985. I used Popsicle sticks to line the streets and It spread all the way across my room to the extent that I would inevitably stub my toe on a house when I climbed out of bed every morning. Of course, it was totally worth it.

I have no pictures of those from my childhood, and all my LEGOs are at home. I miss them already. :cry:
Blast, my LEGO stayed at my parents' place when I moved out, and they have the pictures of it as well. Right now I only have a really miniature TimberWolf mech that always adorns my computer desk.
Ok, can we now admit that we're all just oversized children?

If you admit that you're too old for LEGO, then you've truly become old. :wheelchair:

You never outgrow those wonderful plastic bricks!
Remember my fingers getting sore by snapping all those bricks together. It's too late but I may be able to dig something up tomorrow.
I need to get some pics of my 4x4 truck. It has dual electric motors and about 5:1 gearing.
^^ The technic one or the itty bitty promotional one?

/goes to take pics of all TechZ's LEGO since i built them anyway
Not exactly Lego, but MegaBlok.





Probably about as close as you can get to an Arleigh Burke class as you can get with Lego type blocks.
^^ I have the MegaBloks USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier, pretty good and a huge number of bricks for which to experiment.
I was deep into space lego when i was around 10... I had pretty much everything except the big base... And i never got it. :cry: This bring up traumatic childhood memories..
^^ The technic one or the itty bitty promotional one?

/goes to take pics of all TechZ's LEGO since i built them anyway

It's the 1:8 one complete with the engine that you can watch the cyl go up and down when it moves.
I have a giant bin of legos that I still play with, the wife just doesn't understand it
I'm not creative enough to make my own stuff. I prefer the following of instructions (the engineer side of me I guess).
I would always build the set, enjoy it for about 20 minutes, then rip everything apart and make something entirely different.
I'll get some more pictures of some of my other modern sets later. There doesn't seem to be as many technic sets around anymore, and none of the new ones are as complicated as the old sets
I always wanted to get this one:
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