Show us your Lego!

During these dark times i just had to secure another set, before they get too expensive. Not easy to find it with the box and inner trays intact and in such a good condition.

First off as with every such aquisition, the bricks get washed. They were pretty dusty and dirty,

Then they get repackaged to look as mint as possible and go into storage.



I have not built either of these 2 sets, because i am waiting for the right mood. A rainy boring day, building with friends, or something like that.
Got the silver champion a while ago. Still had the box from my own, bought back in 2000.


Built, displayed for a while on my shelf and now it's back in the box and part of the vintage collection.

Also picked up the charger from lego. Mostly as a parts donor for the charger that i'm building :)




It's an ok model for it's size, but to be really fun, some things should have been done a bit differently and some omitted alltogether (like the wheeliebars).

Shameless plug:

I stream the build of my version of the dodge charger on youtube. Basically every second day 20:15 CET.


Do check it out if you are bored in the evening :)
Starting to look an awfull lot like the real thing. :p





Nice! Using the soft axles to be able to replicate the upward and outward curves of the body is ingenious. :bow: It's a shame the required lengths aren't available in black though, I'd suppose otherwise you would have used that, wouldn't you? :wink: Did you develop that MOC or did someone else develop it?
I don't know if they exist in black. This is what i had here. Need to search bricklink to see if they exist. I will order the parts that need to be black after the car is finished and i know exactly how many i need.

It's my work ofc. Do watch the stream. Next one is on monday evening. :)
Oooh, that's gonna make a good copy for Held der Steine, he's gonna rant about the "Farbseuche" (colour plague) on the inside for hours... :LOL:
Oooh, that's gonna make a good copy for Held der Steine, he's gonna rant about the "Farbseuche" (colour plague) on the inside for hours... :LOL:
Not being a “stone dealer”, I don’t take it nearly as seriously as he does. But I really enjoy the ideas for sets from other manufacturers that I get from his channel.

Anyway, the cargo bay is coming along nicely:


The 28 half-round 1x1 bricks on top of the side walls seem a bit “for the parts count“, but I don‘t know if some other suitable longer brick even exists.
you put on decals when you click in the piece?
i've always left those as last job...
Here's my current collection of Lego sets and sets from alternative manufacturers of Lego-compatible bricks :cool:


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