Signature Requests

And here's my idea for the virgin racing F1 signature

Hope this is what you want, used old card stock as a base, 60s rainbow trippy colours and hondur badges
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Ooh colo(u)rful and phychodelic baby! Yeah!!! Although the slogan could be a bit more readable. And the upside down and backwards KaJuN is breaking my brain.

Once those little thingys are fixed I'll have all the man-babies that you want. <3
When you're on the magic juice, the upside down is right side up :p
Would anyone be interested in making me a new sig? I was thinking about using a pic of my car, like this one: I'm not really sure what to put on it, so I'm totally open to ideas. I'm offering many +reps in return. :p
Tried something weird:

Hope it's okay :p
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A gif for a signature or avatar? If I can get the video I'll have a go but 9 seconds is going to make a big file, too big for avatar use. Also we have a separate thread for avatar requests.

Edit: That's 5.5MB fucking Megabytes!
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I would take note of this rule:

Signatures: They shall be no taller than 175 pixels INCLUDING text, if you don't want a picture then it's like 5 lines of text, no wider than 600 pixels and may not contain nudity (tits and stuff from down south). Must NOT induce epileptic seizures (repetitive, flashing patterns). The filesize must be less than about 100KB -- that means no 3 megabyte animations!

You wouldn't be able to put that image in as Psirus has made it, it would need to be cropped and/or scaled. Whichever you decide I or someone else can sort it for you. :)