Signature Requests

It's....too boring. The bright blue text on the right hand side doesn't compliment the rest of the signature.
I though about brown because many of the cars from BL were as boring as brown, to represent how dull they were made and made you feel.
About the blue logo. Yes, the contrast isn't right, but I did think of something the wasn't the original color.

Any suggestions?
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Any suggestions?

Well I can't do any better TBH so no, no suggestions from me >.>

I guess you could just get some better colour coordination and add a bit more content to it. :dunno:
It's the first time I play with Photoshop, so I thought it would be good to put skills (I have non) to good use by designing a little signature.
So here is what I came up with.

Let me know what you think.


The dark brown and the blue doesn't go well together, they clash quite hard.
The text "relax" is too hard to read and is annoying.
And the gradient is too sharp for a "relaxing feel", both in size in placement.
And this is how I'd address these things:
Letting the gradient go into the logo just slightly makes the whole thing feel more like a whole, overlap is good, kinda. And it's bigger and thus softer, it's also a round gradient coming from the couch.
Adding a tiny bit of outer glow on the text really makes it much easier to read without making it stand out that much more.
^ I see. Now that you describe it, I can easily understand the conversions on what it makes good and crappy graphic design (like mine lol). I can take a look and compare at the details on how many people might see the complete object thanks to you insight, and have the chase of seeing at what would be the smoother and more appropriate approach.

I guess is one of those things that you can keep on trying and trying but, is not until you see an example of what it makes the proper final product that you catch all the mistakes on the development.

Thank you for your time and effort on teaching me a lesson:)
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So, I'm tying to tweak a sig for another website, and I think I want to apply a drop shadow to some of the items...however, it seems like no matter what I do, I can't get photoshop (CS4) to let me have different shadow angles for the different layers. When I try and add a new layer style to a new layer, it adjusts the angle for ALL of the shadows. For instance, I want the shaddow on the guitar to fall to the lower right, and the shadow on the devil-smiley to go to the left, otherwise you don't see it. Should I be going "outer glow" then for the affect I want?

Also, any advise would be much appreciated.

Turn off global lights.
Thanks for the tip. I knew I was missing something simple...
Umm, I would like a signature made c:
Is there like a form-thingy to fill out? I'm asking because that's what we have to do in another forum I use...
I'd like to request a signature too! Preferably something simple and easy on the eyes while incorporating something that Pininfarina designed; the 458, dino, you decide!

I think its time for a new signature.

Can someone please help me out with a banner made from my automotive family shot, and my username?


I'll leave the rest of the creativity up to you.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've done one of these. To be honest I'm amazed that you kept that sig picture for so long.

I knew that I wanted to do a minimalist vector style image but I didn't really know where to put the text, so here are a couple of alternative styles:

*Broken links removed*

Let me know if you'd like anything changing. It's a little taller than the old one, the gap between the cars might be unusually large if they were brought down to size.
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They're not showing up :(
Oh Balls. I can see them on this PC but not on my phone, strange. Plan B.


Oh man. Thats awesome! Just one thing, on the first one with the centered username, can you black out the convertible top on the Miata? Or do you think that'll take away from the minimalism?