Simple Mexican/South American Starters and Deserts?


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Jan 18, 2011
mitsubishi outlander
mojito ice cream

mojito ice cream

i am doing comida latina this weekend and was going fairly easy heres what i am doing
starter-probably cheese and spinach empanadas (baked), can be meat too but i'm veggie

main- serve yourself fajitas and taco salads, fairly easy its just kinda chopping and frying, no rocket science needed!, jut gonna put everything on the table, its more fun!

dessert- a self styled mojito ice cream, i dont have a recipe, but you dont need an ice cream maker and its really simple, boil some whipping cream with sugar and lime, mint and egg white (and a little salt) a little white rum (but too much affects the freezing level) may not sound it but its super easy and delicious, just boil it then freeze, dont mix or anything, just freeze and serve.....not exactly a traditional dessert but dulce con leche gets a little too much at times!

best of luck

oh the other thing that is very easy, and can be made in advanc,, if you have very fresh fish, make cerviche...very south american, and very nice according to my non-veggie friends!