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Jan 9, 2004
New York
anyone get it? anyone playing it? i wanna get it really badly.. but i am afraid it will screw up my studying lol

what do you guys think of it? whoever has it obviously..
I have it. It's great, but more addictive than heroin. There is a reason why the last game was the best selling game of all time - you just can't stop playing!

I posted this about the game in another thread:
zenon said:
I am so hopelessly addicted to the Sims 2 right now! It's really quite pathetic. The fact that I'm even posting on this forum means I'm in one of the short lapses between Sims 2 sessions.

I really hope my fascination with the game wears off soon because it isn't helping my studying at all. Confused

Damn you Sims 2, damn you!
zenon said:
...It is a really fun game. I mostly play it just to build elaborate houses, but the gameplay has sucked me in with this new one. Things are way more complex, and you can create some pretty hilarious situations. So far I have a super rich old senior citizen dude who is banging a young lesbian, a family of manic-depressive proto-Goth-Punks who laze around a run down house listening to really loud metal music all day, a dirt-poor couple who can't even afford to buy toys for their young starving kid, and I'm in the process of creating a trailer park inhabited by the Trailer Park Boys, who make a living by comitting crimes and growing weed (if you haven't seen this show, it's Canadian, and it's the best show ever).

And yes, you can make your sims have sex, and you can make them grow weed. Mr. Green
If you are concerned about your studies, you better hope you have some strong willpower. If not, don't start playing. :lol:
damnit! i want it.. but i will have to try and not get it until christmas time at least lol cuz if i get this.. i will never study.. this sucks :(
having sex? thats nothing big.....but is it still the corny looking thing from the Sims?

and weed...can u get caught?
I never really like the first Sims to be honest. It had some interesting things, but in order to play it, you need at least 3 hours of time and I never have that much time even if I seriously wanted to play it. Sims 2 should be better than the first one, but Im not going to rush out to the stores to get my copy.
If you are weak minded then there's this weird thing called willpower that you are missing. If this is the case, then you probably smoke, drink excessively and if you start playing The Sims 2, you WILL become addicted.

If however, your mind is strong enough, then Sims 2 is an awesome game that you'll keep coming back to (if you have the time).
bahnstormer said:
i DLed it but haven't installed yet...

whered you DL it from? downloading would be much much better than buying.. since i dont have $50 (i dunno how much it costs.. guessing)
Sisters have it and it's all they play now. :roll:
^ Is this going to be followed by a OMG PICZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 ? :|
ladies and gentlemen, a pervert is on the loose! lol


and for viper re:
Sisters have it and it's all they play now.

well my pic of nelson going, "HA-HA" would go here exept the stupid photobucket is shit.

MercedesAMG said:
bahnstormer said:
i DLed it but haven't installed yet...

whered you DL it from? downloading would be much much better than buying.. since i dont have $50 (i dunno how much it costs.. guessing)

I wanna know too :oops: :lol:

But I must point out (even though I'm not a mod!!!!) that Viper's ISP doesn't allow the distribution of pirated software :roll: , so if you know somewhere where I can d/l it, PM me instead of posting it here, that way Viper's ass is cleared :D
This is in no way related to the Sims 2 specifically, but I've heard that is a great site for all your torrent needs.
:shock: It's 2.7G!!! I don't even have room for it :cry:

*Edit: Unless I delete some Jeremy Clarkson vids.....hmm......I saw a torrent for nude female skins :lol: That would make it interesting.
It is a ridiculously large game. In the past, I have outright refused to install games such as Unreal Tournament 2004, FarCry etc. based on their stupidly large file sizes. I couldn't resist the Sims though... I almost saw it as an improvment. 2.7gigs is smaller than having the original Sims and all of it's add-ons installed. :p

I remember freaking out over Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 because it was over 200MB. Heck, one of my first computers was an Amiga 500 which had no hard drive at all. :shock: :lol: