^ You can also buy a DVD copy that comes on a single disc.

I'd much rather get the DVD copy - it would be nice to have single discs for games again rather than having a billion discs all over the place.
Well, once a game is installed, there's isn't any need for the discs so it really doesn't bother me that much.
oh ok wanted to make sure.. cuz i am downloading it now and it looked like it would come out on 4 cd's.. just wanted to make sure
My brother just got Sims 2, it's a very cool game, way better than the original. And I also downloaded the sims2 and it didn't work, well maybe I was doing something wrong.

I got the DVD version, the game is on the DVD, I didn't want to buy the regular one witch comes with like 5 CDs.
way too big to be downloaded... and I don't think I'll buy it since my main interest is only in building houses.. :roll: