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Sin City

loved LOVED LOVED the original comic.... so i just hope it comes out well tho the fact that it's Robert Rodriguez AND Frank Miller gives me hope
and tarantino....although I'm not sure exactly what kind of role he played in the making
"guest directing" whatever the hell that means maybe he did some of the fight scenes or something

kewl.. now i gotta get me some free movie passes :D
Tarantino directed a small bit as part of an agreement he had with Rodriguez, who scored Kill Bill Vol. II. ;)
I'm going to check to this one out too. The directer said that he filmed it very true to the comics.
wow.... :shock:

Pretty cool film. Like watching a comic (or somethin' like that)
I had heard good things about it from friends who saw it this weekend (damn test monday, damn it to hell :-(). I guess in the downtime I hopefully will have on tuesday I might go and see it.
i just saw it tonite and ... i'm not too sure what to make of it ...

don't want to put any spoilers here in case any of you are going to watch it, but let's just say it was quite ... graphic :?
It didn't pull any punches, and was a faithful adaptation of the graphic novel. Plus, Jessica Alba is hottttttt :p
Sin City was freaking great. If you've ever read any of the graphic novels, you'll recognise everything. It was incredibly close to the comic books, some frames are almost exactly like the frames from the comic books.

If you're faint of heart you probably won't like this movie.

This isn't the usual comic book/graphic novel movie with superheros like Daredevil or Spiderman or XMen, so dear Lord, don't take your preschool aged children.

When I saw it there was a young guy with 2 kids that couldn't have been older than 6 or 7 sitting in the row in front of us. That was by far the most disturbing thing, hearing the guy try to explain some of the bits to little kids.

"You already made a big mistake yourself: You didn't flush."
All of my friends (who want to see the movie) went and saw it together while I was out doing something else on Friday. :( I'm dying to see this movie but don't have anyone to go see it with now. I'm going to have to figure out a way to convince my girlfriend that it's a romantic comedy. :p
The movie rocked :thumbsup:

I won't give anything away, but Marv > *

People say that the movie is new age film noir, but Frank Miller said it's not. It's just a faithful translation of the comic book... which is not film noir since it's a comic book. It's just a comic book that has all the characteristics of film noir... if it were a film... which it is :?

these are side by side comparisons from the comic book panels to stills of the movie :shock: