Sirs, in which episode did this happen?


Jan 3, 2005
I think it was Tom Ford who interviewed some UK traffic safety researcher and the dialogue went roughly as follows:

R: "The statistics seem to indicate there are no fatal traffic accidents with a starting speed of less than [ridiculously low number, maybe 25] mph."
TF: Oh I see. Maybe we should limit all traffic to [ridiculously low number, maybe 25 - 1] mph then and rid ourselves of traffic lethalities.
R: *laughs* Or maybe we shouldn't.

I think this was roughly 10 years ago. If someone knows, it would be greatly appreciated!
I think that's way too general and unless someone watches old Fifth Gear episodes daily on repeat - there is no chance anyone will remember the exact episode.
Roughly 10 years ago Jon Bentley was also as a presenter. He and Ford had similar segments.

Was it a FG crash test? Or a research of some kind after a legislation change/useless restrictions or a test of a device of some kind?

And apparently I have nothing better to do at 4am

Season 16 Episode 6 (13.07.2009)
Reduction of speed limit from 60 mph to 50 mph
Crash test into a tractor

Near the end of the episode:
TF: So, what speed limit would definitely keep you alive?
Exp: From the research done into this, you'd actually have to reduce the speed limit down to 25 mph to actually guarantee you wouldn't have a fatal accident.
TF: We would never go anywhere, would we?
Exp: Exactly.
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