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Everywhere thinks it's 7:49AM not 6:49AM - the site is an hour into the future....

(and our daylight savings doesn't end until the first Sunday in April and it's letting me at the bottom of the page that I'm in GMT +11 which is the right one....)

All times are GMT -8. The time now is 1:13 PM.

Seems right to me.
Got the same problem as ashspet here- 1 hour ahead but showing GMT+11, which is correct as per Daylight Savings :)

EDIT: whoops, didn't see the other page :blink:
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I've had to wade through about 5 different setups on the time setting before getting the correct timestamps, it jumped an hour ahead for me as well (2 weeks early).
Well, I've just moved to Tokyo and put the DST always on. That's a combo that seems to work....
^ and mine has just gone back an hour after turning DST off a few hours ago (now showing 9:20pm when it's actually 10:20pm). Putting DST settings back onto "automatically correct" fixed the problem, so I am guessing everything is normal with it again :D
Yeah, I noticed that too. Someone flicked a switch somewhere!
Dst went ahead one hour today for the yanks. I'm not sure what timezone the server thinks it is in right now..
We have had the server syncing time via ntp, so I'm not sure what the issue was for others.
Over here we have the correct time displayed, and it's two more weeks until daylight savings ends around here.

i'm gonna celebrate that occasion! i'll be so happy when this fucked up winter has passed
The server is set to use UTC (AKA GMT), and does not believe in Daylight Savings time. It is synced via NTP to atomic/radio clocks, which is pretty much the standard way of setting up servers.

If your times are not showing up correctly in vb, it's probably either vb's or your settings. Try fiddling with things in your control panel.
Not to sure where this post goes but here goes?. The audio level on downloads is very low, much lower than anything else even from other sources like kickass torrents & eztv it?s always low. Is it just me or does anybody else have this problem.
This might better go in the technology questions or random thoughts question. Final Gear doesn't make the files, they just show us where to get them, so it's not a problem with the website.

As for your issue, I haven't noticed that problem at all.
Lately whenever I click the new posts icon in my subscriptions, it goes to the right page, but not to the right post. Kinda annoying. Anyone know a fix?
I'm getting some sort of certificate error on the site when using Opera. Here are some screen grabs:



IE 9 also says it is blocking unsigned content. I've checked on 2 different PCs and am getting the same result on each.

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