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Sep 21, 2003
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Please list all suggestions for the site here. Thanks. :)

For forum suggestions, please use this thread.
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I think it would be cool if you had all those movies of top gear and fifth gear on your web site. I can help you out Viper, by the way how many gigs do you have on your server?
Uh, I will. That's the idea of the site.

And they won't be on my site - it's a view gigs of videos x a trillion downloads = about $500 a month worth of bandwidth.

That's why I'm going to BitTorrent and using donated servers for the people who can't use BT.
hey viper are you using BPFTP Server and flashFXP? if not what are you using?
For FTP? I don't have an FTP server on my computer.
is u add the videos to a site like

don't you use their tracker so then it wont waste your bandwith?
and as well on a site like that, more people will download and the torrent will stay up for longer, and u can link it right from your site, (just add your url in the title so people will come here)
Actually, putting the torrent on SuprNova is what overloaded the tracker and took it down (there were about 300 people connected for each torrent).
really their trackers couldn't handel it? but their site is visited by so many people?

wait when u put a torrent up on their site you have to get your own tracker or use one of theirs?
You can use any tracker and I was using my friend's tracker. The SuprNova tracker(s) are heavily loaded any many times you get a cannot connect to tracker error 'cause so many people are connected to it, so I used my friend's. He's rewriting the code to be a lot more efficient. :)
SuprNovas trackers are horrible. I see what youre saying about bandwith so donations probably wouldnt be enough to help.
No, trackers don't use too much bandwidth, it's just the server load that took it down. ;)
How much what? Bandwidth or processor usage?
How about you screw the whole BT tracker, as it seem to problematic to get it up and running, soo what I think you should do is use direct links to the movies on your server. (href="blah blah blah") Let a max of 2 diffrent episodes to be downloaded every day. So like two episodes out of a list of like 10 are available for download then the next day you switch the download availability to a another 2 episodes. So you will have bandwith allowing only to download 2 episodes making the rest un available, and switching them daily. If you have a fast server I dont think it will slow down it down much. Id give it a try :D :mrgreen:

(And if theres an issue of "law" I dont think they care enough as has fifth gear and top gear reviews directly linked to their site)
first, those are segments of the show, i think you could get away with that. full eps are posted here and way better quality.

second, viper is not the kind of guy that would want to change the vids everyday, he doesn't like to be glued to the comp.

third, even by putting the eps on a rotation, someone will eventually miss an ep cuz of the timing of when they registered or because of the fact that the vids are up only for a day.

thanks for the suggestion though, we are wlecomed to them. :)
I talked to the guy who will be hosting the HTTP downloads and he and I both agreed that it would be bad to allow the general public to download off the server - too much load on the connection.

So I will be sticking with the registration system for only people who can't download via BT.

And I have 5 GB of donated space so rotation is not needed - it's just the load on the connection.
Any word on when is this possible, im going dry 10 days without top gear
its eating me from the inside!