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Slip Gauges


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Mar 4, 2005
Anyone know how these things stick together? I was using them today and it was amazing how they just stick!

I know it's to do with them being very very flat and I thought it might be to do with the chemical bonds being so close together from the separate blocks that they are strong enough to hold 2 together. But that was a semi-educated guess so I'm not sure!

I've tried a quick google but nothing came up....

Anyone know?
Umm what type of slip gauge are you talking about??

I know of wire slip gauges but I'm sure that's not what you are talking about.
They're little metal blocks machined to very accurate sizes. You build them up (like lego!) and either use a sine bar or comparator to see when you've got them to the same size as the thing you're measuring.
I've never heard of these before you got a picture?

I've kinda found out now though.... When you push them together and turn it creates a vacuum, then the outside air pressure holds them together, clever stuff!
Those look cool. Though, if I'd buy it, it would of just been another toy that went in the closet that i'd never really touch. lol.