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Slow download speeds


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Sep 21, 2003
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Copied from a PM:

karim_gabra said:
viperbond i think you are the only one who can realy help me
i have azureus my ports are forwarded
6881 TCP and UDP
6969 TCP and UDP
i have a 256 k connection
my firewalls are set
the health is always GREEN
but i `m gettting a maximum of 9.5 kb for all the tracker while a week ago i were downloading 29 kb/s
can u please help me man
thx in avance realy need your help :(
What's your upload speed set to? You should set it to about 80% of your maximum upload capacity as downloading a file requires some upload bandwidth. If you're uploading too much, it'll slow down your downloads.

If that still doesn't fix it, post saying so.
there is no need to forward 6969 though.
but its impossible to be the tracker's fault.

max connections total should be set to 0, as well as max connections per torrent.
it its set to a small number like 100 it will slow down your downloads ;)
my speed is set to 24
the only thing is that i had lots of uploads going on then when my ratio went up to something like 2 i deleted them i now have only 1 file being uploaded going on @ 7kb/s does this has anything to do with my download speed
should i use UPNP?????????