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slow download


Jan 15, 2005
ive have been download at 60k as normal for the last few days but for some reason none off my downloads will go above 5k i havnt changed anything i tried diffrent clients and diffrent torrents nothin same thing 5k no more i use bitcomet i have a 512k line and i dont have a router whats going on can anyone help
no i have no download limit i can download of the net at 60k fine still its only my torrents any ideas
Having the exact same problem. Dont have enough time to mess with it now because of tests though.. next week.
what do u thin is causing it it really pi**in me off an one got any ideas
And I somehow don't think Petesbug has the Idea of an unlimited connection either... Portwise, I mean... Your Provider is not going to advertise with "Now we restirct the most common Bittorrent ports!" if they do so...