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smashed M5 E60(update) and another update, all seperate post


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Jan 5, 2005

"The car is a dealer demo car but was immediately sold to a customer (though the dealer has to keep the demo car for at least 3 months). So the car is still registered on the dealer and owned by BMW Financial Services (so the dealer still can get the extra demo rebate from BMW Sweden). But the owner had lent the car to his neighbour who hasn't a driving license and he states a friend was driving the car when the accident happened. I guess the police and the insurance company have a lot to investigate. According to witness and the local newspaper it was a race with another car. The car has already been involved in some illegal street races so people are not surprised of the crash."

Greetz Johan
Dumbasses. I thought making it so expensive would mean only serious people could afford one, but apparently dumb owners lend their cars. :bangin:
That didn't take long at all. :lol:
A beautiful car crapped away over stupidness :thumbsdown:
That makes me cry. Beautiful powerful car and unfortunately the fucking owner was a dumbass. Put stickers on a clean car and then destroyed it. Yes I know someone else drove it but it is still his responsibility. Take a look at the back rim. He must of been going a good speed to take a piece out of the rim.

Should be shot. The owner....NOT the car.
rofl one down already. u reocn that is gonna be repaired or cut up? looks like the frams bent so it looks like its gonna be spare parts
what car was he racing? and did he win? :p
the chassis looks like it should be pretty damaged, the rear rim broke which means it must have got hit really hard in the back which means the suspension is gone and maybe the chassis is twisted, can't see the damage from the front though, but I'm sure the owner would do anything to fix it
OMG, I just read the topic title wrongly, I thought it was "I smashed my E60".

I was like: "WTF? I wouldn't tell that here..."

^ haha yeah thats like an invitation to rape him :p
The sad thing, even in that state its worth more then most people's here car's :(
HELLO ... I WAS THE DRIVER OF THE M5 which we crasched. into 2 tree.. we were not racing. the news papper is only writing some bullshit they dont know anything. Please take away the picture from this site because its a insurense question.

I already asked him what really happend. I'm waiting for an answer. I don't think it's necesary to remove the pic though.

Greetz Johan