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Jun 22, 2009
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Smoothies - delicious, yummy fruit combined with whatever-else to make a relatively healthy slurry of yumminess. I've always loved smoothies, but have been too lazy to make them regularly. Cleaning the blender, keeping fruit on hand, figuring out just what to mix, where, and how... I tended to get my smoothies from Jamba Juice. I tended to go for Strawberries Wild (Apple Strawberry Juice Blend, nonfat frozen yogurt (Contains Milk), Strawberries, Bananas, Ice) or, once they introduced their "all fruit" line, Strawberry Whirl (Apple-Strawberry Juice Blend, Strawberries, Bananas). But pre-made smoothies are expensive, so these were just occasional things.

I recently re-watched the episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown talks about his weight loss. In it, he mentions he has a smoothie every day for breakfast, and provides a basic recipe for them. This inspired me. Frozen fruit... We have space in the freezer. That's easy to keep on hand, won't go bad if I forget it, I won't be wasting lots of fruit and I can have a variety.

What neither the recipe nor the video clip include, but is included in the show, is that the recipe is not so firm as that would have you believe. The juice should be a "purple" (blue/red/whatever) fruit juice. The banana stays banana (want the creaminess from it), but if the bananas happen to be aging, they can be frozen as well. Then it's a "red" fruit, a "blue/purple/black" fruit, and a "yellow/orange" fruit. As I quite like blueberries, strawberries, and peaches, and all three were available frozen at my local store, these were my chosen fruits for my first few smoothies. I also used a red grape juice rather than acai (expensive) or pomegranate (I seem to not be so fond of pomegranate).

I used my entire batch of initial fruit in 4 days, so last night I went to the store and picked up more. I had been using the standard 2% cow's milk that we have for the smoothies, and I realized after getting to the store, I had no idea how much milk we had. I didn't want to run out and have to come back, but I didn't want to be without milk... so instead I picked up some almond milk (unsweetened vanilla). This'll hold in the fridge until we're low on milk, so having "too much" isn't a big deal. An added benefit of the almond milk is calories - the 2% cow's milk is ~60 calories per smoothie, soy milk is also ~60 calories per smoothie, but the almond milk is 20 calories per smoothie. My second set of fruit includes some pineapple, some mango, and blackberries, as well as blueberries and strawberries. I'm sticking with strawberries as my red fruit as they're my favorite fruit. I bought a 5 pound bag.

Yes, I bought a FIVE POUND bag of frozen strawberries. Over 2kg. The other fruits were in weights ranging from 10oz (~283g) to one pound (~454g).I also got a "tropical mix" bag - banana, pineapple, mango, and peach. This morning's smoothie was grape juice, cow milk, fresh banana, and frozen pineapple, blueberry, and strawberry. I do taste a difference, switching the peach for pineapple. I don't really taste pineapple (nor did I taste peach), but there's just a hit less sweet and a very slightly different texture. Of course, that could also be because I didn't actually weigh the ingredients this time. The batteries in our kitchen scale have died!

I also only drank only one glass of smoothie this morning. The full 24oz (by weight) will fill this particular glass twice, so I only had about half the smoothie. That's fine - the rest is waiting for tomorrow morning - but it's a change from previous days. I'd drink down the first glass nearly immediately, then refill and sip the second glass as my morning drifted away.

At some point, I'll have to take some pictures of these smoothies. They end up quite purple. :D

I haven't started adding any additives to the smoothies, though Nugget has suggested brewer's yeast. He tells me it has a strong flavor, which is why I've been timid about adding it (oh, and I keep forgetting in my excitement over the fruit). I've also had recommendations to add baby spinach and boiled beets. What else would be worth adding?

What smoothies do yall make? Buy? Drink regularly? What leads you to the smoothies? What do you like about them? What would you change, if you could?
You can also stick a handful of spinach in. The taste is better than what you might expect and it's really great for you.
I'm drinking the leftovers from yesterday's smoothie today. This was grape juice, cow milk, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry. I can really taste the pineapple in it today - it seems stronger than yesterday.

I love that these smoothies end up a shade of purple.
I like putting kale in my smoothies, because kale is awesome. Also chia seeds.
I love the classic Banana/Strawberry/Orange Juice.

Blueberry/Orange Juice/Banana is also very good.
Sure! Why not?

I have never done it, but sounds good enough for me.
This morning's smoothie used the almond milk (which I couldn't taste at all), blackberries (my first one without blueberries), and mango. The blackberries must be darker than the blueberries, as this was the darkest smoothie yet. Also, blackberry seeds == evil! :) Still the same old grape juice, banana, and strawberries.
I usually grab a frozen bag of mixed berries, fresh bananas and strawberries if 1) not in frozen bag 2) time of year for fresh strawberries. Blend them all together, add a small spoon full of vanilla ice cream, vanilla yogurt and a splash (literally a splash) of orange juice. Strain the mixture to get rid of the seeds (ew) and voila, done! Been meaning to get some protein powder (vanilla slimfast maybe?) to add to my smoothies, but other than that it's really good :)
I must be weird, because I actually enjoy chewing on the seeds! :lol:
I wish I could experiment with almond milk, but unfortunately I'm allergic to almonds. :(
I wish I could experiment with almond milk, but unfortunately I'm allergic to almonds. :(
Doh! Well... the reason for the almond milk is it has fewer calories than other options. Soy milk, normal milk, or whatever will do! I haven't even tasted a difference yet.

Today's smoothie, pre-blending:

The almond milk responds to the juice by... well, I'm not sure if I'd call it curdling or not, but that's what you see. It doesn't actually seem to effect the texture, and it's not noticeable after all after blending. I'm letting the frozen fruits defrost for a bit before I blend it... "after" picture to come later. :D


In a glass:

That glass is about 12 fl oz filled to that level. Depending on how accurate I was with the amounts, there should be about two of those glasses in the blender. The density of the various ingredients is close enough to water than ~24 oz by weight ends up being pretty close to ~24 fl oz by volume.

These photos make the finished product look more pink than it is. It's a bit darker and a bit closer to purple (though still more burgundy than purple).
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Yep the acid in the fruit will curdle dairy.

I am hopelessly addicted to mango lassis.
Yep the acid in the fruit will curdle dairy.
Er.... it doesn't curdle the dairy. Cow's milk doesn't show that behavior in the smoothie, only the non-dairy milk substitute does. It's also different from the way dairy milk "curdles" in that it's not stiff or hard - not like curds. It's soft and with agitation resumes its prior texture.

I looooove mango lassis.
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Yeah, yogurt especially accepts acid very well. It just gets all flobbery (technical term.) I've noticed blueberries are the worst for this, I'll make a smoothie drink a little, take a shower, come back and it's thickened and separated a little bit. Not too bad, but I can't deal with the texture so I always have to blitz it again.
It probably separated. I've never had Almond milk (allergic), but the fat/protein separation from the water could be to blame.
That sounds likely. Soy milk behaves the same way in similar acidity.

I haven't been back to the grocery store so haven't picked up any spinach to throw in yet...

Aaaand I'm stealing a smoothie recipe from a friend on Facebook.

2.5oz baby spinach
2.5oz mixed spring greens
2 scoops powdered wheat grass
8oz 1% organic milk
2 TBSP ground organic flaxseed
1 cup whole organic strawberries (stems too)
1 organic banana

Anyone tried this or similar? I'm so un-fond of green, I think I'd hate it, but...
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