Today's smoothie has mango for the yellow/orange and blueberry for the purple/blue/black. It is delicious. The color is a touch closer to purple, too (which I of course like).

Today's smoothie consisted of...

2 kale leaves
1 banana
3 oz of frozen blueberries
3 oz of frozen strawberries
3 oz strawberry drinkable yogurt
4 oz of cranberry pomegranate juice
1 scoop plain protein powder
1 scoop chia seeds
My most deliciousness smoothie yet: 4oz Blueberry juice, 4 oz almond milk, 1 banana (frozen), 1 peach (fresh, skin included), 4oz strawberries (fresh, a touch over-ripe, whole (core/stem not removed)), 4oz blueberries (frozen). The texture was off - it was a bit too runny - but the flavor was MARVELOUS. The blueberries were "everything left in the bag", and that included some extra ice. I suspect that plus a touch of extra blueberry juice (it was about 4.3oz) made it a bit thin.

It was yummier than candy, and though it had plenty of calories, it also had fiber and vitamins, etc. to go with the calories.
After... apparently nearly a year, I've made another smoothie. I didn't follow my "one of each color" rule, like before. I had an aging banana, so threw in some of my frozen strawberries with just enough milk to let the blender manage it. This is the result:

Well, ok, I cheated a bit. The light and the camera ended up showing a bit richer color than it actually has. This one is a bit more realistic:

Yum. I dunno that I want to go back to spending the calories on smoothies regularly, but yum.
For me, the pain is washing the blender after each use. just a pain, as I wake up to leave for work...I don't get up to sit around, make a smoothie, read the paper before heading to work. I wake up, shower, and head out the door with wet hair. :p

My favorites:

Peach (or nectarine) and raspberry (a touch of lime is nice, too)
Raspberry, blackberry and banana
banana, strawberry and dates (ends up with little chewy bits)
Strawberry, Banana, and chocolate chips (or low-fat chocolate flavored bits...while I would never eat it on it's own, it works to flavor the smoothie). It tastes like a chocolate-covered strawberry with a chocolate-covered banana.

I always made mine, though, out of fruit juice, very rarely something "creamy" unless it's a dessert...then it it's a scoop of fro-yo. :) I usually stuck with apple juice or strawberry-banana juice when the Dole 100% juices were on sale.
Made my first green smoothie. Added 2 oz (by weight) of baby spinach to an otherwise strawberry banana smoothie. While blending it went through a horribly brown stage. Tastes just like yesterday's strawberry banana, though. :D

so that spinach is mostly just for colour? ... oh wait, 2oz of spinach is like 50g (right?) o_O that's quite a bit, how does that not affect the taste?

anyway... i'll have a mosey around the freezer, there's gotta be something there i can destroy smootherize!
Yeah, right around 50 grams (it was a bit under 2 oz when I weighed). I only notice the taste if I really think about it, and I'm sure it adds a lot of good nutrition to the smoothie. :)
awesome. i'll try that sometime, i have a huge block of spinach in the freezer that's been lying around for ages...
Well, today's green smoothie is fail. First, the picture:

Notice the bluer shade of green. Yesterday's photo was taken with natural light, as was todays, though the lighting is slightly different. Still, the difference in color is real. I added spirulina tablets in an attempt to boost protein content and make it a richer green. It certainly changed the color, but it's not as rich a shade as I wish.

I also tossed in some brewer's yeast for added B-vitamins, a bit more protein, and perhaps some unpleasantness to mosquitos. I added a tablespoon (15 grams), which is half the recommended amount on the package, and within the range recommended by other sources (1 to 2 tablespoons).

This smoothie is not delicious. I know brewer's yeast can taste funky, and it may be that 1 tablespoon is more than I want to add to a smoothie of this size. I don't think the spirulina has much flavor - I tasted it and it didn't taste like much. But it's likely to not be included in later smoothies, as I didn't get the color I wanted from it and I could just take the tablets instead of mixing them in.
I tried an experiment tonight.

I've been occasionally making a smoothie in the evening when I'm low on calories for the day. I'd been thinking I should try adding some alcohol. I mean, it's the evening. Might as well have a nice nightcap with my deliciousness, right? But all we had in the house was scotch and... :no: I asked for a few opinions about what alcoholic beverages could be added that would add a complementary flavor in addition to the booze and one of the suggestions was Godiva chocolate liqueur. Chocolate? Chocolate!

We bought the liqueur this afternoon. As I looked at the % alcohol... I decided a good deal of the thing could be added. I mean, if I'm going to add alcohol to the smoothie, I want to ADD ALCOHOL. I want a "make me drunk" smoothie, not a, "Well, now I can call it an 'adult smoothie'" smoothie. And so here is what ended up in the blender, all oz by weight (not fl oz):

4 oz chocolate liqueur
4 oz milk
one small banana
4 oz frozen blueberries
4 oz frozen strawberries
4 oz frozen peaches
pinch of salt (to help flavors shine)

This looks like:

I'm not entirely sure the nutrition info I have for the chocolate liqueur is accurate. It claims 100 calories per fl oz, but other sources seem to say between 120 and 125 calories per shot (1.5 fl oz). Using the 100 calories / oz, this smoothie is around 666 calories. Yeah. Hey, even after the smoothie, I'll be under my calories for the day my 389, so...

The finished product:

So how's it taste? Well, I've had about 3/4 of it (it's more than just that one glass), and it's yummy. The flavor of the chocolate liqueur is strong, and I found it a bit unsettling at first. If you don't like the chocolate liqueur to start, you'll hate the smoothie. For the first few sips, I was uncertain. But then I decided... yeah, this is good. I'm enjoying it, and I'll definitely make it again.

I might be better off with a smoothie and a few shots of something else if want a smoothie and am actually trying to be drunk, though. That much smoothie takes a while to drink, and using less of the other ingredients will make the chocolate liqueur downright overpowering.