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SMTP disabled


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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
2008 Dodge Viper, 2006 MB CLS55 AMG
Okay, a few people had reported getting SMTP errors and so I've disabled using my viper007bond.com mail server to send the e-mails. They'll now be set via the local PHP mail() function.

I also was getting a lotta "message resturned - undeliverable"s from my mail server as it seems to be blacklisted by some other hosts. So, hopefully this'll fix that too.

Let me know if you notice like lagging e-mails or anything.
That was causing the problem ? I signed up for the newsletter but never actually got any mails. I just thought you were to lazy to write them. :lol:
That's completely seperate. I'm talking about e-mails sent by the forum, here.
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raheel_qamar said:
I never got those mails announcing the arrival of new eps.
That's because I haven't posted to the mailing list in months since we have a RSS feed now instead.
Im getting emails almost fine...bit of a lag (depends on time of day) but all in all everythings K ;)
Didnt even know there were any problems