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Snooker anyone??


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Sep 12, 2004
OK so I have been suffering my hangover today by watching the Irish Masters and am I alone in thinking that Snooker is great game (espicially at this level)?

I mean the skills these guys are displaying are just UNBELIAVABLE! The way they can be as accurate as they are on a table that size,, pheh I could never do it that's for sure. And then the tactical side as well, ...all I can say is that I enjoy the game.

Pretty much no one knows the sport in Finland as we only get the occasional Eurosport coverage (and that's only a small amount of people that are able to see it in the first place) and I am just wondering if this is only big in the UK, or do you guys enjoy it as well??
I always watch it when accidently tune on eurosport :thumbsup:
I play pool from time to time, but I'm pretty bad, so I'm afraid to try snooker. One game would last whole day :) But these guys are unbelievably accurate, that's many many many years of training.
I like to play pool, but tend to stay away from snooker since I am not good enough to play it.

I don't have problems with the increased size of the snooker table but the pockets' narrower openings mean that I always miss shots haha.
I adore snooker. I play every Saturday with my friend Mike, before grabbing a take away and chilling out to a film. It's awesome.

I really enjoyed the Masters and am looking forward to the World Championships in about a month - it's all very exciting. I absolutely adore watching Ronnie play more than anyone else, his ball control is sensational and he's really in a completely different league to the rest.
Snooker is for the pros, I only play 8ball and 9ball.
snooker is awsome, i really enjoy it. too bad it costs here twice as much per hour then regular pool :cry:
I play pool, I think I'm pretty good at it. I play snooker occasionally and after you play a game of snooker, pool seems so god damn easy.
:unsure: I have a pool table 4 meters away but I almost don't play. :blush:
Yeah, I play pool whenever I can (ok, I suck at it) it's fun when the occasional succesful shot goes in... I've tried Snooker a few times but when even one frame can take an hour it's a bit too difficult for me :)

Sullivan is a great player, although my favourites are Williams (he just seems so relaxed always) and Drago (the speed of his play is awesome). And lets not forget Jimmy White, now that he's back it's great to see him play again. I think that one of the things about this game is that even the best palyers in the world are jsut regular blokes who you might see at your local bar

The semifinals yesterday between Sullivan and williams was a bit weird, they were both missing easy shots but at the end the right man won and definitely looking forward to the final.

Anyone know where the WC is this year, I remember something about them not being in Sheffield (crusible, spelling??) anymore??
I never enjoyed snooker... my aunts house has a snooker table... it is too big... I prefer pool... in snooker I feel like I'm using the cue rest more than i'm hitting it normally
8 ball is my game when it comes to these things... Actually I'm really bad player, but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy playing it. 8)
how can you suck in pool? the table is so small that when you miss a pocket, it ends up in the one on the other side. i like to play it, but a game hardly last 5 minutes. it would be great to have a table at home though

snooker on the other hand isn't for wimps :lol:, i go play snooker regulary with some friends (i like the fact you can play with 2, 3 or 4). i'm not a pro, but i think i'm pretty good, almost end each game with a score over 80.

just to know how well know this is, anyone knows tap? (translation :s) the smaller tables with the obstacles in the middle and around the pocket, that's a completely different approach compared to the other ways of playing.

and anyone ever played tri-band (or whatever it's called). that are tables with no holes. you have to hit the white ball, that one has to hit another one, which has to hit 2 sides of the table, and a third ball, then you have a point
talk about hard :shock:
I suck because I haven't played it so much (7 times in bars with my friends, to be accurate). But still, I enjoy it very much. :D
pool is a very borin indoor game..IMO..i used to love it until one day i found FOOSEBALL!i still do play the occasional game of pool
foosball sucks ass :p though I'm pretty good at it.

Anyway what are the measurements for the pool tables they use in Pro tournaments we see on TV? 8' or 9'?
bone said:
and anyone ever played tri-band (or whatever it's called). that are tables with no holes. you have to hit the white ball, that one has to hit another one, which has to hit 2 sides of the table, and a third ball, then you have a point
talk about hard :shock:

You probably mean a variation of Carom called 4-ball or something. Yeah, that's one tough game. Watch this video of 3-ball Carom, the guy is just unbelievable!
So the goal there is to contact both balls with your cue-ball, and before it makes second contact it must hit cushion 3 times. Amazing video.
^that's just insane :shock: :shock: :shock:
trickshots are hard, but doing trickshots after the ball has hit 3 cushions :s sound like impossible

and foossball sucks! there is sth like a 'war' going on between the poolers and the foossball players. no actions, but you're with the one, or you're with the other, but you don't mix. i'm on the cue side 8)