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So how do we know when the latest rips are available?


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Apr 30, 2005
Will it be posted on the news section, or would that rouse suspicions from the BBC?
Yeah, I think Viper will post the erm...instructions on how to get to the place to aquire it...
Usually it's not until Tuesday (here in Oz anyway) before it appears.
For me that's another 24 hours away.

So wait for a day perhaps?
I'd be getting it now, if it were available. ;) Prolly around 122 kB/s too. If it were out that is..
Ahh, it's 700+MB, so I just assumed. Wonder how it'll look. Now that you mention it, it did seem extra quick for it to be up..
Leppy said:
So when am I able to create ANOTHER thread on whats happening with downloads this week?

I feel you mate...
This uncovers the guys that are only here for the Dls...

Makes me glad I didn't start this thread..