Ownership Verified: So, I bought a Porsche.

Shiznats, I've got some prior commitments that weekend, damn :shakefist:
Well, like I said on the facebooks, I'll be there to help out in the pits and do other stuff. I think my cousin might come down for a day or maybe two do loaf around and take pictures too (maybe I'm stereotyping there, but he is an auto enthusiast and professional photographer). I'll bring my little camper propane grill and assorted other goods as well. Oh, and this time I'm finding another hotel to stay at, I'd like to say that Americas Best Buzzing Flickering Flourescent Lights and Curry Scented Inn was nice....but it wasn't.

Hahahaha thiiiiiis.

I'm just gonna pick one and call it good.

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Also, there's an ad up in case anyone wants a LeMons seat: http://forums.24hoursoflemons.com/viewtopic.php?id=29409
Oh look, she bought a pickup-truck!

Totally envy here, las! EX-Racers in R.F. are either road illegal trash, or formula-0_couple-o-billion_methanol-propelled rockets. Buy something like stipped 944 is a dream-worth for me.

P.S. Never saw a lady in the coat sitting the bucketseat.
So, Porschelump may or may not be coming to ECR, but...I'm going anyway!

I picked up an arrive and drive. I'm pretty sure arrive-and-drive is the best thing ever, provided the car doesn't break. (Please don't break.)
Boo, hiss, etc?
It's on like Puffalump kong.

Porschelump races this weekend, which is awesome. Yay for 'lump.
It's on like Puffalump kong.

Porschelump races this weekend, which is awesome. Yay for 'lump.

So, should I bother making hotel reservations and taking off work for the ECR event, or is the jury still out on that?

EDIT: Well, if the long range weather forecast can be trusted perhaps it may be better to not run the race, as it doesn't look like fun racing weather at all.

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Yeah, we got iced in. :( Race cancelled, but ZOMG SNOW!!!1!

I had way too much fun doing donuts in the SNOW!!!!
The Parsh was making some funny klangy noises when we pulled it in last.

Sure enough, my exhaust is off its hanger.

Maybe this is a sign for STRAIGHT PIPES. (J/K.)
I haven't gotten to drive my Parsh in a while. :( Still no muffler. Haven't had time or been home enough to deal with it.
you know, a car does work without a muffler as well ;)
you know, a car does work without a muffler as well ;)

This is true, but there are problems.

I once pointed out to a driver that there was no noise check at scrutiny and didn't need the silencer on the Judd V10! :D

Problem was, that it was so loud he was changing up early and had to put it back on :(
How in the hell did I not post in this thread before? I adore 944s, and I can't think of any better use for a knackered old one than to be turned into a race car. I wish I had access to cool tracks where I lived.

Sorry to hear it's not fully track-worthy at this time, though. Is it just the muffler you need?
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You're welcome! :D

I have to say I was surprised by how well a beaten up old 944 with basically stock parts and no power still handled on the track. Its quite fun to drive.

(And I'm kinda broke right now. But more importantly, I FIXED MY PARSH!)

Took it to a trackday. I wandered off into the "events" section when I was writing up that NP01 piece and found that NASA was doing MSR-H. I've never gotten instruction on MSR-H before, and I frequently get passed in sections where I should be giving faster cars crap. Welp. Time to see if my "ran when parked" car (sitting since Feb. due to lack of time and funds) will run when started. It did! The battery wasn't even dead. :lol:

Muffler installed, new tie rod installed, passenger seat installed, least used tires put on, aaaaaaaand it ate a wheel bearing before the end of the weekend. WORTH IT. Sliding around the old thing on ancient hard tires made me remember why I bought a 944 in the first place. I also kept up with people in turns! Even the carousel! AAAAAAH THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

I love my car. I need to fix my wheel bearing and finish killing those tires.

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{ reads other tabs }

{ comes back }

I just also need to say 944 FTW!

(that is all)
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Woo! :D