Ownership Verified: So, I bought a Porsche.

I was SO PROUD of my parsh the other day. It finally went to a PCA meetup!

View: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwMSpPvMUrF/

...then it left me stranded for a little while. There's some electrical shenanigans going on. :( I forgot to flip the killswitch, so it wouldn't start. Then I waited a little while, lifted the hood to see if the battery cables were on, and sure enough—after that, it fired up and drove back.

The oil pressure gauge also bounced back and forth a bit on the way home? Weird. Definitely electrical woe of some sort :( Why, parsh, why?
Glad you are taking it out and shaking the cobwebs off.

I still love the scallop paint!