Ownership Verified: So, I bought a Porsche.

I was SO PROUD of my parsh the other day. It finally went to a PCA meetup!

View: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwMSpPvMUrF/

...then it left me stranded for a little while. There's some electrical shenanigans going on. :( I forgot to flip the killswitch, so it wouldn't start. Then I waited a little while, lifted the hood to see if the battery cables were on, and sure enough—after that, it fired up and drove back.

The oil pressure gauge also bounced back and forth a bit on the way home? Weird. Definitely electrical woe of some sort :( Why, parsh, why?
Glad you are taking it out and shaking the cobwebs off.

I still love the scallop paint!
I broke the 'lump.

Well, the starter's toast, anyway. We fixed the wiring that had frayed around it that was causing some smoking issues, but the starter itself has also given up. (Mood.) A few folks I know are checking to see if they've got a spare, but I guess it'll be sitting again for a while.
Spare starter acquired and installed. Sure enough, it started right up. Porschelump is BACK!

...right as it gets cold, and I'm still too broke to use it anyway. :(
Looks like the Porschelump is full of bad gas. THAT MAKES TWO OF US, BUDDY.

Tried to start it the other day, it turned over, and we just got a ton of varnish stank. It'd start running briefly on

Anyway, I'm aiming for the November MSR-H race and trying to get a bunch of laps in it before then to knock the dust off my [in-]ability to drive on track, so it's go time. I don't know if I'm going to rewire it before then or not—the wiring's old, but mostly intact, and aside from the starter piece we fixed, it's mostly just gauge messiness and a couple connections that I need to clean up.