Ownership Verified: So, I bought a Porsche.

It's a reliable NA motor and since it's going into endurance races, no turbos or bolt-ons for Pferd. Just need to keep it running. :)
Eh, it's been in ChumpCar races before and it hasn't had any major engine gremlins that I know of.
May we have a view of the engine bay please?


Unfortunately, I didn't get any, and I don't know if I'm going home this weekend or the next. So, it'll have to wait. :( I'll try to get one when I think about it.
Welcome to the White Car/Blue Stripe crowd. It's a very exclusive bunch, but I hear we're good company.

I won't be a member for long. I may leave the stripes, but the goal is to paint it like this Puffalump:


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Ah, nuts. I forgot to post this the other day. Here's the engine.

So, we took about 50 lbs worth of stuff out of the nose of the car, along with the existing decals and a lot of the leftover mangy insulation. EXCELLENT.

Here's the salvage pile from yesterday--which got a blinker/light stalk and a couple other things added to it today:

Anybody need some 944 aircon/heater/windshield wiper/blinker parts? Shut up and give me your money! :bunny:

('Puter and Holy Grail not for sale--they're just in shot since that's the one empty corner of my apartment right now.)

Number 44 was taken for the June Chump race, so the car is 917 now. Off with the old vinyl!

We started labelling various locations of parts we're buying, too, like smaller tach gauges that actually fit under the rollbar, seat brackets, and...

Next up: sell the salvageable bits (it's April in Texas--someone's gotta need aircon), plus the random wheels that came with it (4 924 phone dials and 3 18" Boxster twisty rims).
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20 or 24 inch?
Thuddies. Spinners. When I stop at a stop light, my wheels keep on goin'! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooono.
Well, I got screwed on a Craigslist sale via a CL n00b mistake (seller sent a bad check; coco is not amused) and I'm suddenly a few hundred dollars short of where I hoped I'd be by now in terms of throwing the ChumpCar team together before June.

So, I have a favor to ask--if you enjoy my huge balled, it's-a-Porsche-but-not-really, BUNNY!!! :bunny: ramblings at all and don't want me to be stuck sleeping in the Lulzcer all weekend long, you should donate to Team Porschelump: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JPTPJR9UY3N42

Team startup costs are kind of eating my life right now and I'd rather spend the money to do things right and cover all my bases instead of play things on hope and luck, y'know. We're still in for the race and doing it for sure, but my budget for travel, spares and theme is suffering accordingly. Plus, it looks like we're going to need to double-check that the cage is within LeMons spec before September's 24-hour race, too.

If you send us graphics and a larger chunk of coin, hell yeah, we'll stick a logo or two on the car.

(Just nothing too phallic, please. It's a family show, we don't want to rule out other sponsors and my balls would dwarf it. I know that's not cocolike, but bear with me here.)
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Yesterday was paintin' day.















Bunny approves!

I need to touch up some spots around the edge of the orange stripe, but you get the idea.

The tow hook blended in too well with the rest of the car, so I found this glitter spray, and...


...now it is fabulous!

Also, thank you^42 to anyone who sent moolah. The budget's still tight, but significantly less so now. I can't thank y'all enough. ('Tis not too late if you wanted to send anything, though.)

So, I suppose the car needs a FinalGear sticker now. :bunny:
Everything's a Puffalump!