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So it's Columbus day and...


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Jul 29, 2005
Marion, Iowa
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There must be a hell of a fire 8) ;) :thumbsup:

Cops(dad runs them all here), Fire Chief, Rescue truck, Ambulance, Fire prevention RV, Engine 10 w/ that stupid dog, engine 52 from the Runway, Hazmat truck (seen that used a couple times), and engine 6 at the end. :thumbsup:


Been inside this thing, man it's got alot of special crap & electronics (like the cameras and a cool sensory system)


Thought I would share the highlight of the morning... :p
Man, did a UFO crash out your way or something?
It's fire prevention week from Oct. 9th-15th, and always on Columbus day on every Air Force base, they go around the neighborhoods with the cops/rescue/fire units with the fire prevention dog..lights flashing, sirens, people wave, take pictures, good times.
Oh i love when they do that, but i think my neighboorhood now is small so it would be pointless

We had one of those fire house things at our school fair type deal

Aren't the newer firetrucks this neon green color?
jayjaya29 said:
Dark_Templer_102 said:
Aren't the newer firetrucks this neon green color?

No, a few are, depends on what color the firecompany wants them.
Alot of the trucks used on the runway are neon green, but they have a couple that are used for both runway & other things...like the one I saw which was red.

I want that hazmat van....can survive pretty much anything :D