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Jul 20, 2009
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Alright, so I got my record player back up as I left it for months trying to decide if the TechMoan approved scale was worth the sheer minutes of use was worth it. I got it, fixed my counterweight and blindly tried to get anti-skate to something useful, so at this point, I’d say things are as good as they can be with a midrange Pioneer PL-300 record player.

Regarding prices on records, I understand they will cost more than a CD or digital download, what is outrageous and normal regard prices for new records from new release music or even stuff that has been around, but it’s not new or all that old? For example, I’d like to buy a Diablo Swing Orchestra (DSO) or Nightwish album but feel they may be pricing those due to demand rather than realistic prices. Plastifisticuffs for example from DSO is listed on The Amazons for $21.59. Is that normal to be spending in the $20 range for a record? I could be out of touch.
Seems cheap to me, nothing has ever been cheaper than it is now.
Adjusted for inflation people paid almost double for records back in the heyday of vinyl.

Paid more than that for cd's in the 90s... How old are you? Have you ever bought physical tapes/cds?

Yeah, and for the most part, the highest I ever saw was $13.00... I guess I'm just being cheap. :ROFLMAO:
I paid £20 for the only vinyl I’ve bought new, I only got it because it has extra tracks that aren’t on Spotify. I consider that reasonable but I wouldn’t make a habit of buying records at that price. Others have been bought used for a tenner or so.
$20 is reasonable for a new pressing. I usually pay between $20 and $30 for new albums.

Used I've gotten as cheap as $3 but they are usually more like $6-10.
I love hunting for used vinyl, which can be as cheap as two bucks here. But may end up paying 10 for something I really want.
Cheapest record in my collection I paid for was fifty cents at an auction*, the most expensive was Pink Floyd's Pulse, for which I paid around 90 Euros.

The most valuable record I own** was used to decorate a rockabilly night at a local pub - I grabbed a random 7 inch from the deco, looked at the label, went straight to the bartender: "CAN I HAVE THIS?" - it's currently valued at 349€ on Discogs.

What is it? It's a german Schlager cover version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid":
Solely due to the organ player really taking the song to a new level I would not even classify this as a novelty record, but as a legitimate cover version that adds something new to the song.

*the auction was a auction/destruction deal - any record that does not receive a bid is destroyed immediately
**I do not actively track the value of my vinyl, that's the one I know that it's expensive. Maybe there's something else (my early Sgt. Pepper pressing coming to mind) that's worth equal or more without me being aware.
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That is the best cover I've heard in a long long time.
It also helps a lot that you don't understand the vaguely Sherlock Holmes based horror b-movie tropechecking lyrics.
All my new vinyl has been around £15-20. I only have a couple of new records though.

The vast majority of my stuff was either free and donated by friends/relatives or bought from car boot sales, local record shops and thrift stores for £1-5 each.