So who actually works in the foodservice industry?

I don't work in it, but I visit it alot with my job. Are factory food workers always that depressed looking in the break room?

If I had to choose between candy, potato chips and uncrustables. Uncrustables hands down. It smells great no matter if you on top of the baking oven burning your hands or walking through the maintenance department.
Yeah most fast food people are generally pretty depressed. Sometimes they can't get a better job and they are stuck with that sort of job. Some have it as well as one or two other jobs and never have a lot of time.

Some of the people I've been working with have worked at McDs for a few years (one manager has been there 16 and hates her job basically). One has worked at three or four other different locations.
I care about service to others, and try to be as professional/polite as possible... but some of the customers that frequent fast food places, DAMN.

I've been in the food service industry for about 9 years. 1 in fast food, 1 at a local butcher/packing plant (family run) 6 as a line cook and some catering, 4 months as a commercial meat cutter, and have just started bartending about 2 months ago. I'm still doing line cooking and catering as well.
Ya the hours are shit most of the time but I enjoy it. I don't intend making a career out of it but for now while I'm in university and figuring out what im doing I can't really complain.
I work part-time in a kitchen at a local restaurant/micro-brewery. I help out the chefs on busy nights, and for two weeks this summer functioned as full-time chef.

I quite like it, it's an excellent student job :) The reason I could do the chef job was that we don't get a lot of costumers in summer. It picks up at the end of August and peaks around christmas :)

It's quite interesting, though I couldn't imagine doing it full-time. The hours suck, working 13 hour days is just a bit too much :p I like cooking, but not in this manner, the stress takes all the fun out of it.

They do, however, brew some excellent beer, so that's a plus :)