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Some pics of mine...


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Nov 9, 2004
Stockholm, Sweden
Firstly i just want to poit out how much jpeg and low res. sucks, it really destroys some pics, anyways, here are some pics of mine, hope u like them... :)










No it's sadly not my house, it's a restaurant in finland actually, my family/relatives were dining there after my grandather's (who was finish and died this christmas) funeral.
I like these - esp the randomness of it all - Top stuff! :thumbsup:

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Yeah! Really nice!

What kind of camera you got?

Thanks guys, i tried to chose a little bit of everything. To be honest my camera REALLY suck, it's a sony dsc-p32, but i try to make the best out of it...
To reduce noise try to set it to the lowest ISO setting when you take pictures at night (should be ISO 100 for your cam). Though if your max exposure time is not long enough, I guess there is no way around it.
And swek, I totally join you in that question, there is not enough snow over here at all :) Though we had a little bit in Hamburg recently, took this picture couple of days ago:


Not that much snow, but at least a little :)
You Hamburg guys should visit Bavaria... We got hella snow, I've been out twice to get the snow from our driveway... Altogether maybe 40 minutes... And our driveway is NOT big... :lol:


//edit: Just went to the garden and made 2 pics...


Dammit, I should have played around with the settings a bit... They look like shit! Well, just so you guys have an impression
Ok, since we are posting snow pictures... :)

I took these in december, and now cleaned them up a little. Especially whitebalance was terrible. I had to crop the pics too, since I have a little light camera, and no tripod. Not a good combination when taking pictures at night with no flash...

Ok, so it's about 4am at Sunday. Quite, no cars, no people, no wind, nothing. You can imagine I had some fun out there :D

Yea, and I was too lazy to clean the snow off the car.