Something cheap, fun, old with at least 4 seats (but hey, I'm not picky)


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Aug 23, 2022
Belgium, north of Antwerp
Escort MK3 project car + VW Caddy 1.4 (family car)
Spending a couple weeks in the Swiss Alps and some days in the Ardennes has rekindled my love for driving just for the sake of driving (after spending up to 50hours per week in a car for work killed it). So I've started thinking about buying something for short (and longer) road-trips and maybe even taking part in a Budapest rally, carbage run, ...
The problem however is that my history of cars is basically 4 years of driving Suzuki 4x4's followed by 10 years of Land Rovers combined with boring daily drivers/work cars (except for one rather fun Volvo 850 estate) so I do not know what is actually fun to drive or not and I can't go test drive every secondhand car. It'd rather do some decent research before actually getting to the stage of actually going to look at cars.

So if you guys would be looking (in Europe) for something 30years or older (due to taxes), with at least 4 seats that's most importantly fun to drive and cheap (the up to 6500euro range), where would you start looking?

I've tried scrolling through cars for sale using those criteria, but that's not really helpful. I do like the looks of the Volvo's and BMW's from the 80's or early 90's, even looked at a couple of Ford Escort xr3i Cabrio's (although I have no idea what I like about them 😅) and I do know I don't want a VW Golf or a Mercedes. But that still leaves a ton of options.