Something i've never seen before


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Mar 1, 2007
Cornwall, UK
Got something i've never seen before on my computer.

After installing a game and changing it's graphical options, the screen refreshed with some red squares, then shut off with the sound playing like it had crashed.

When I turned the PC back on, this showed up.

It has these blue lines all the way through startup. Some of the boot screens have weird letters (something like the letter ?) across some of the boot screens.

If I start in normal mode, it gets past the "Windows Loading Bar" screen then does the Windows 7 Blue Screen which is too quick to read.

From what I can gather, it may be something to do with my GPU borking (MSI 580 Twin Frozr II).

EDIT: Semi fixed it, changed over to my old GPU. Seems my 580 went dead.
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Dec 27, 2013
Your graphic card is kaput, get a new graphic card.
Good Luck getting AMD cards because of cryptominers, they're out of stock or price is way over the MSRP. Like R9-290x MSRP is $500ish but now it's around $800!
The only choice for now is Nvidia. GTX 760 2GB if your on a budget or Grab a GTX 770 with 4GB vram.

That camera flash makes at the blue horizontal artifacts, makes it look like the rise of a full moon over a lake. :p
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