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something on 5 series beemer


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Feb 24, 2006
Hong Kong
first of all, greetings from Hong Kong ;)

my family owns a E34 5 series which is now at 13yrs old(ie.made in late 90',correct me if wrong)
the block will go heat up every 2-3 months

although we juz fill the radiator up with bottles of distilled water
everything goes ok after it

does it mean do we have to change the water pump?
I've read abt some E34 FAQ that "sometime little overheat is ok"...

last, thxfor answer ;)
I guess this is not quite the right place to ask about it. :)

You should try some BMW foruns, not television show foruns.
A good BMW forum I can recommend is Roadfly. Their E34 specific forum can be found here.

I'd also just like to warn you that english-speaking BMW fans don't like it when you call the cars "beemers." That's the name for the BMW motorcycles, the cars are called bimmers. ;)
We'er all flattered that you think that we can help you with such a specific problem but you should look for a BMW forum like the one posted above. You'll get an answer much more easily there..
Still, from my experience with beemers,
"sometime little overheat is ok"
, is not OK. There is definitely something wrong. It could be the pump, but if you're always having to refill the radiator there might be a leak somewhere in the cooling system. Check pipes, etc. Also, do you have lots of white smoke coming out of the exhaust? If you do, it could also mean a crack (small one) in the block which is letting water into the cylinders and causing the smoke, the loss of water and the overheat.
It happens every 2-3 months? How often does your folks drive the car?

First off, don't just add distilled water. Make sure it's a mixture of water with coolant. The coolant is not only for altering boiling/freezing point. It is also a lubricant for the water pump and also helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

I'd look for leaks in the cooling system--radiator leak, BLOWN HEADGASKET, loose pipes, etc
Then, I would check the water pump itself for a leak. Leaking from the water pump is a sure sign that tells you that the pump is gone.

My experience tells me that you have a very small leak in the radiator. Sometimes the hole may be blocked by debris in the coolant. Sometimes, it is clear and it very slowly leaks. The loss of pressure will cause the water to boil and "overheat."