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Sony CDX-S2220 CD Radio?


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May 29, 2005
Toyota Corolla T Sport, Phase 2
Has anybody here got/used a Sony CDX-S2220 cd radio? If so, is it any good? and also which aerial connector did it have? Was it the long round one, or was it (the other one :lol: ), sorry cant describe the other one :) .

Thanks guys

it has the flat conector and comes whit a conferter.
and i do like it for about 6 monts now
Cheers mate ;)

So it's called the flat connector :) . Thats the one I've got :). Nice to hear that it's a good machine.

Why?, whats wrong with them?. I heard that they use a MOSFET AMP, which means brillint sound quality.

Or am I wrong?
thats panasonic

sony is shitty quality in the product and sound

panasonic and alpine are the only stereo i would put in my car
Really, wow, so all the reviews i've seen on the web are all wrong then. Damn.

Ok, what aerial connection does the Pana and the Alpine have. I have the flat one in my car. Or do they come with converters.

What about Pioneer?

Hehe, dont worry, it's just making me confused. Thanks for the link. I'll check that out. At the moment i'm looking at the Panasonic cd players.


Funny that, I was just looking at that Pioneer. It does indeed look good
All manufacturers use mosfets these days. And all of them lie about power output by not giving it's RMS value. 50watts? Yeah right, when powered by 20volts, for a split of a second with terrible distortion. Panasonic or Alpine is no better than anyone else really. Especially in lower price range.

By aerial connections you mean antenna? They are coaxials, so you need an adapter, not converter. They are widely available and cheap, no need to choose a unit based on that. You should rather look on functions, does it read mp3? CDRW? Does it show id3 tags? etc...

If you get yourself some higher power speakers, external amp is the only way to go anyway.
Thanks. Yeah I know what you mean about the watts. it's the Root Mean Squared that counts. I recently saw an advert in my local cafe saying 10000Watt PA system for sale, and I just laughed :lol: . What a load of c**p.

I think i'm gonna go for that Pioneer (link above), good set of features on it for the price. (I think)

Thanks guys for your help guys

Just fitted the Pioneer. All I can say is that i'm chuffed :D . Fantasic unit. Looks nice too. The sound has a hell of a punch.

Thanks for your opinions guys