Sous Vide

I've ordered the Swid for my girlfriend. Unfortunately they are out of stock, hopefully the wait won't be too long!

Very cool. :) Having a circulator allows you to have much bigger cuts of meat. Chicken breast is my recommendation for breaking it in. It's super simple to do - 60c for 45min - and yields a ridiculously moist meat.
Time to take it up a notch. Ultrasonic waves anyone?

Method 4 (The Heston Part 2): Ok, now I am not going to even try to get into too much detail about this technique. Quite frankly, it is way too convoluted and (almost) no one will try this (not even me and I am extremely geeky when it comes to food). Heston essentially sous-vides the potatoes with a simple salt water brine trapped alongside them in the bag. All the while he is bombarding them with ultrasonic waves.
Hey, I have access to that. :p
Overnighting a crappy quality steak slab (~1kg) (with butter and peppercorns). I cut a slice off it to taste before deciding how long it was gonna take. It was pretty tough. About 10 hours at 58c should hopefully do the job.

Once we're ready to eat, I'm just gonna brown it nicely in the pan.

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500? for a heating element :shock:

Looked pink, but the texture was quite dry. Turned out medium-well. If I'd only used half a brain cell more, then I would've opened my MC @ Home and just read of the table in there, but noooo. :bangin:

It was more tender than when I fried a piece last night tho, so it was certainly an improvement, however it was still a bit tough which I'm guessing is just down to the quality of the meat. Could've been that the overnighting didn't help on the texture.
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Damn, that looks...rather nasty :lol:
Oh, in that case then...that top left piece of meat just looks wrong to me, the texture and the look. Seems to me it would taste of sawdust and be as chewy as shite.
Oh, in that case then...that top left piece of meat just looks wrong to me, the texture and the look. Seems to me it would taste of sawdust and be as chewy as shite.

Constructive critisism is always nice... :neutral:

I raise with this, todays dinner:



Smoked gammon joint. Cooked at 60c, then browned gently in the pan and finally glazed with mustard, honey and vinegar. Quite delicious.
Nothing personal, ahpadt! :lol: This last thing now...this is what I call food. Damnit if it doesn't look delicious as hell.
Doing chicken legs tomorrow. Bagged with butter, salt, pepper and fresh terragon. 70c for many hours.

Turned out amazingly well. They almost collapsed on me when I lifted them into the frying pan to brown them. Tender but also moist at the same time. I find that sometimes when you just roast chicken legs, they have a tendency to dry out slightly.

And strangely enough it wasn't bland, even with the relative small amount of seasoning. Probably don't even need butter in there.
So, my girl is going to the USA in a few weeks and I thought I could ask her to bring me a compact circulator.
Nomiku, Anova and Polyscience are a few I see being mentioned frequently. Anyone has experience with those?
I'm not so familiar with the other brands but Polyscience will atleast be a safe bet.
According to reviews, the Anova is apparently the best cost-benefit at $179.
Well see how this turns out. :)