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spam free tool bars


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
i'm wondering if n e good tool bar are worthdownloading without heaps of spam in it.

does google one have n e?
Yeh that's what I meant too...hmm never noticed..and now you told me and now I will notice it at every startup:twisted:
i mean when in a hurry itsa drag man. u like waiting...waitng...and waiting some more until u click it again and like 2-3 pop up
I never get popups with Firefox and no lag at all...Jason maybe it's because you live in HK and they don't want you to use imageshack and firefox.
because IE is always running wherelese firefox has to start up everytime you click it... the lag isn't that bad anyway... just about 1-2 seconds
jasonchiu... btw how long do you have to wait for firefox to startup... mine doesn't seem as bad as you described