Special Request for a small Logo set


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Oct 9, 2008
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Ok, what im looking for a is a logo set for a baseball team, its for the Game MLB 14 The Show. I was trying to do it myself but i know dick about photoshop so i didnt get far. The game has an ingame logo maker but its allowing us to import them this tear for the first time so i want to make it look good. Here is what i need/want (be aware, i dont know what the file type had to be but i will soon):

Team Name is Tampa Thunder

Logo's needed: Hat, Home shirt and away shirt (Main team logo would be a fourth but im not worried about it)

Colors: I would like to use only two colors (Blue and White) as primary but its looking like ill need three (maybe a darker Blue or a grey), i would want the third color to be only really there for depth. Im thinking of useing the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) colors but i have found that the Blue Jays (MLB) Blue seems to work better.

For the Hat logo:

Something basic and classic. i have always been a fan of just having Basic letter (like Tampa has now or boston, even San Fran or LA). Keep in mind, this team wont be called Tampa Bay, just Tampa. Now, with that said, last year my teams was the Tampa Bolts and the hat logo was a "T" with a lightning bolt behind it in kinda the same style as the Marlins old hat logo(MLB)

Home and away shirt logos will be similar, again, basic classic look. All im looking for here is words. Home should say "Thunder" and away should say "Tampa". If you can squeeze in a subtle logo into this, im all for it but it should be very subtle.

Now, feel free to throw ideas at me, i dont know that my vision for this set will read the same way to you as i intended it too so ask questions, im on codien today so my typing isnt very good, lol. Thanks to anyone that takes this on, i want to have the best damn uniforms in the whole game world!