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Speed Channel episode info


Dec 17, 2003
Here is what was on, they were playing pretty old episodes.

July 12th 6:00-6:30 episode (pst)
-Tiff drives a Lamborghini Murcielago
?buying a classic car? ? 67 Jaguar S-type, 66 Maserati Ghibli, 59 Minor 1000
-Nissan Sunny GTI vs Dodge Viper (driven by Vicki) - also seen from the December 22nd, 2003 ?The Best Of Fifth Gear (Hour Long Special)?
-Adrian drives a Citroen C3, an extremely flawed car.
-Tom reviews the BMW 745

July 12th 6:30-7:00 episode (pst)
-Vicki reviews a Alfa Romeo GTA
-Adrian drives a Nissan Primera
-Tiff reviews a Range Rover while comparing it to a BMW X5 and Merc m-class
-Vicki talks to owners of hot Citroen Saxo hatches
-Tom drives a Mini Cooper S
Hello new here and my first post.
Here's a description of the show after first ones.
This is purely for people outside the USA to compare it to what you get.
7/19/04 8pm-8:30pm est.

Adrian drives the then new Hyundai Coupe/ Tiburon "USA" 2.7 V6
Vicki takes part in BMW Motorcycle Off Road School
Tiff drives the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti "Bugeye" PPP Vs. Mistsubishi Lancer Evolution VII FQ 300
Tom looks at the Hot Rod World in the UK.
Tiff drives the new VW Phaneton W12

7/19/04 8:30pm-9pm est.

Vicki drives the Honda Civic Type R vs. Ford Focus ST170
Quentin Explores the effects of marijuana on driving
Tiff goes for a 0-60mph record in a Tigar Z100
Adrian drives various Ford Model Ts
In a video clip voice over Quentin talks about USA Army's concept Smart Truck based on a Ford F350.

7/26/04 8pm-8:30pm est

Tiff drives the Pagani Zonda
Quentin perks of buying a used BMW 3 series and driving a 318i
Adrian looks at shopping for American vehicle "Trucks and SUVs" in the UK
Adrian drives the then new Mercedes E-Class

7/26/04 8:30pm-9pm est

Tiff drives the MG TF
Quentin explores the myths of not paying traffic camera tickets
Adrian drives an updated Triumph TR 5
Vicki takes part in a LOW Cost racing at Brands Hatch "Indy" course
Vicki covers a Post Bus has a family hauler
Tom drives three Diesel SuperMini's Ford Fiesta, SEAT Ibiza, and VW Polo
Part 2

8/02/04 8pm-8:30pm est

Adrian drives Vauxhall Vectra vs. Mazada 6
Tiff is a teacher for a lady has se takes par in the John Cooper Challenge in a Club Sport Mini
Quentin shops for used Jaguar XK8 and Mercedes SL
Tiff answers the question of "How do I get into Motorsport with Tom Chilton of the BTCC.

8/02/04 8:30pm-9pm

Adrian drives renault Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Initiale
Quentin talks about cars driven by LPG
Vicki drives an Audi A4 Cabriolet
Quentin on buying the ford Ka has a first car
Tiff and Vicki completes in Radical Two Hour Enduro at brands Hatch Indy course

8/04/04 8pm-9pm est

5th Gears Greatest Cars of All Time.
The cars that didn't make it cause they where just to obvious.
Origional Mini
Ford Model T
Toyota Cornolla
Original VW Beetle
Porsche 911
VW Golf
Tiff first cars the Ferrari 360 Modena and Ferrari F40 driven at Goodwood
Quentin on Rolls Royce
Adrian on some lesser know Hinustar Embasser, peugoet 504, Fiat GT 500, Citroen 2CB, and his favorite Land Rover Series 1
Vicki talks about the Lamborghini Murchelago and talks about the Homolagation specials: Audi Sport Quattro, Ford Escort Cosworth RS,and Lancia Delta Intergale HP
Question on the greatest cars of the '60sJaguar E Type, Ford Mustang 641/2, and the Corba
Tiff on the greatest F1 car Lotus 49
Adrian or Original VW Mirco Bus and Citroen DS
Tiff drives the McLaren F1 as the greatest car of all time at Goodwood.
This program has aired several time on Speed since it's first aired.

8/09/04 8pm-8:30pm est

Tiff drives a 6pack of Hot Hatch's
MG ZR< BMW Mini Cooper S, Renault Cilo Cup and top three being 1st Honda Civic Type R, 2nd For focus RS, 3rd SEAT Leon Cupra R
Vicki thinks about pluses ans minus of buying a used lotus Elise
Quentin shop's for number plates
Tom drives Reanult Escape

8/09/04 8:30pm-9pm est
Tiff drives Porsche 911 turbo vs Mercedes SL 55AMG for best GT car
Tom with lots of Smart and drives theSmart CrossBlade
Quentin drives Aston Martin Laganda
Adrian tackles the problem of London's Center city traffic
Part 3

8/16/04 8pm-8:30pm est

Paris Auto Show with Tom, Vicki, and Adrian
Vicki drives Reanult Megane
Quentin talks about the Alfa Concept V8 Coupe
Tiff drives the Ferrari Enzo at Fiorano

8/16/04 8:30pm-9pm est

Tiff drives the Nissan 350Z
Adrian tries his hand at E-Braking parking
Tom takes part in the Caterham Academy
Quentin shop's for some bargain used cars

8/23/04 8pm-8:30pm est

Adrian drives the Volvo XC90
Vivki on Parking tickets
Tom at a Max Power event and Riced Car's in the UK
Quentin on shopping for old used BMW 6 Series

8/23/04 8:30pm-9pm

The gang NEC Autoshow
Vicki on the MG XPower SV and TVR T350
Tiff on the Invetar, Genatta, noble, and Marcos
Adrian on Audi S4, Volvo S60R, Jaguar XJ, and Aston Martin
Vicki drives the BMW Z4
The gang on the Bentley Continental GT
Adrian on the VW Tourag and R32
Adrian drives the Ford Fusion
Vicki on various traffic camera's used in the UK
Tiff drives the Hummer H2

8/30/04 8pm-8:30pm

Tiff and Quentin goes car shopping for Joh Caldwell. A City Car, luxury Car, Super Car, and Track day Car.
CC: Honda jazz, Minin Cooper S, ford Focus 1.8 Zetec
LC: Ferrari GTM, Mercedes SL AMG 55, BMW M5, and Range Rover
TC: Ariel Atom, Noble M12 GTO, and Caterham R300
SC: Pagani Zonda
Tom drives the new Audi A8
Vicki rides a Ducati 999
John's choices CC: Mini Cooper S, TC: Caterham R300, LC: Mercedes SL AMG 55

8/30/04 8:30pm-9pm

Tiff the AM Vantage Bond's car for Die Another Day
Tom drives the Nissan Mirca
Vicki drives an bentley Arnage T at a Drag Strip
Part 4

9/06/04 8:30pm-9pm est

The Ultimate Crash Test with Tiff and Quentin at 60 mph off-set
Quentin drives the new Rolls Royce Phantam
Vicki drives Paul McCartney's old Aston Martin DB6
Tom drives the new Jaguar XJR
The resualt's to the crash between older BMW 5 Series and Volvo sedan conclusion if the cars had people in them no one would survived

9/13/04 8:30pm-9pm est

The Ultimate Menace- Boozer or Snoozers? with Tiff has part of the
Boozer's group and Quentin has part of the Snoozers group
Adrian drives the Maybach 57
First part of the test between the Boozers and Snoozers in a sim of city driving the Boozers are the menace when compared to the Snoozers.
Tom drives the new BMW 530i
Part two Snoozer Quentin and Boozers Tiff test highway/motorway driving. The Snoozer is more of a menace when compared to the Boozer surprisingly

9/20/04 8:30pm-9pm est

Roll Over

Tiff and Vicki explores Roll Over's in SUVs
Vicki drives the Pagan zonda Roadster in Italy
Tiff drives the Reanult Clio V6
Tiff and Vicki drive the Mistubishi Lancer Evolution VIII FQ 300 "Vicki" vs Subaru Imperza WRX Sti Type UK PPP "Tiff"
Tiff and Vicki with the results of the roll over test.

Has you can see in September Speed started airing just one episode of 5th Gear on Monday night's with several repeats of that week episode repeating.
Hmm, I have some of those, but others I don't. I should find someone to be ripping those for the site...
DUH!! :|
Viper007Bond said:
Hmm, I have some of those, but others I don't. I should find someone to be ripping those for the site...

I don't know...Speed channel tends to cut off reviews mid-sentence to make room for more commericals :twisted:
Really? Oh, well then nevermind.
Here's what was on for show on.

9/27/04 Titled: Exploding Car

Adrian and Tiff explore what it takes for a car to explode just like in the movies
Tom and Vicki at the Geneva Auto '03 cars covered Ferrari Challenge Stradale (Vicki), Lamborghini Gallardo (Tom), and Pagani Zonda Rodadster
Adrian and Tiff look at what how, why, and what to do when a car catches fire
Tom drives the VW Tourag the V10 Diesel
Tiff and Adrian the chase is on (Tiff has the hero Adrian has the bad Guy) And the guy's prepare Adrian's car or it's Big Bang
Then it's more of Tom and Vicki at Geneva here they cover the Ford GT, Aston Martin DB 8, and the Porsche Carrera GT has the pick of the show
Tiff and Adrian and the Grand Finale.


Adrian and Tiff take a look at the world of modern Armored Cars and what they can do also looking at armored cars from Mercedes Benz, BMW< and Audi
Tom is in Iceland to do some 4x4 offroad driving this story also appears print in the May 2003 issue of CAR Magazine pp. 112 to 121
Adrian and Tiff look at the testing and design of modern armored cars and compare an armored Range Rover to a normal Range Rover in how they drive
Tiff drives the Aston Martin DB7 GT
Tiff and Adrian do some defensive diving Needles Style (with the feel of the A-Team in how they shot this last part.

And yes the commerical break's are kind of a uneven and hurt the flow of the show.
But all and all the edit's aren't that bad and the show is pretty good.
And yes the commerical break's are kind of a uneven and hurt the flow of the show.
But all and all the edit's aren't that bad and the show is pretty good.

:? thats a real turnoff and i could care less now about getting these eps. to hell with trying to get older eps and im just glad we get new ones in great quality. :)

thanks Cigar2 for putting these as I will really use this info for my 5thG list.
Sorry Ive haven't updated this but I've been a little busy switching over to my new MSN TV 2 box swithing favorite website over an all (I just hope you guy's don't think of me any less cause I use it).


10/11/04 8pm est.
Titled: Road Rage

Quentin begins with examples of Road Rage from around the world.
Tiff on BMW Films and there use by BMW to sell their cars.
Quentin is back with a guy named Rob who has road rage 5th Gear ties to help him with it.
Adrian goes Back to School Traffic School that is for Speeder's
Tiff drives the Smart Roadster and Coupe in Portugal
Quentin returns with Rob and the results of Rob's consulting for Road Rage.

10/18/04 8pm to 8:30pmcst Indiana time

Titled: World's Greatest Sports Car

Tiff, Vicki, Adrian, and Quentin search for the Greatest Sports Car for sell in Britian.
The cars that weren't eligible were Lamborghini Murchelogo, Pagadi Zonda, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Ferrari 360 Modena
Cause by their definition they didn't fit. Their definition was.
Adrian drives has the classic example a Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite. The definition is in it's purest form; "A car that is rwd with a manual tranmission and that was built and conceived has a rag top. It doesn't have a fold away hard top and it's no a coupe or saloon with it's roof chopped off".
"You see a sports car doesn't need stealth fighter style, sledgehammer power, fancy trim or an exotic price. It just has to make you smile."

Then they give the cars in the running of the best sports car in Britian.
Adrian drives the Radical SR3 to the shops and Tiff gives Adrian ride in the Radical at the track. But it's just to over the top to even think about it.
If you want a little less over the top then the Caterham could be for you but it's still not the winner.
Vicki drives the Ford StreetKa in Caan has a break.
Vicki start's the rest of the list of sports cars in the running with the Mazda Miata MX-5, Toyota MR 2, Lotus Elise 111S, Vauxhall VX 220 (the best Elise and what it should have been from the start) Vicki drives it but none of these are the best.
Vicki drives the Honda S2000
Tiff drives the TVR Tamora and takes it for a "spin" and a dougnut
The winner is the Porshe Boxster
Quentin also says it the best buy for a used sport car
Tiff drives a Boxster 3.2S at the track inhis typical style power slides a plenty.
10/25/04 8pm-8:30pm

Titled: Men Vs Woman A Fifth Gear special

In this show Tiff and Vicki explores who's a better driver Men or Women with a group of three men and three women in a series of test in exploring the driving myths about both groups.
Those test where Parallel Parking, Emergency Lane change at 40mph without ABS, Navigation Using a map, and racing at a karting track.
With an in between segment with Adrian and the world's fastest jet powered go-kart.

All in all this show was a pure fluff show and at least for me the weakest show of all aired on Speed so far.
11/08/04 9:00-9:30 Est

Titled: The Ulimate Stleath Car

Tiff and Vicki start the show lookig for the best radar detector an exmaple's of speeding in GB and the ulitmae stleath car Volvo 850 nT-5 Quentin's old car for the series of test.
Vicki in a Dangerous Curves T-Shirt drives the Ferrari Challenge Stradale Italy and at Fiorano. Let's say she Likes it.
Tiff and Vicki look and test various radar/laser/camera detector
Tom drive's the VW Golf Mrk V diesel Tom Neutral on it
Adrian at Euro Disney and their car stunt show during the tart of it Speed ran a drop ad for a NASCRAP ad for Daringlton
Tom and Vicki look and test a laser jammer that really work's.
are these episode overviews for the shows in the states or the one were going to get in a few days or so
these are older eps shown in the states, not the new ones.
11/15/04 9pm-9:30pm est.

Titled: Ultimate New Car Bargain

Tif and Adrian start the show w/ the list of nine cars in the running. Smart ForTwo, Fiat Punto, Ford Ka, Hyundai Getz, Kia Rio Wagon, SEAT Arora 1.4, Peroda Kelisa, Daihtsa, Charade, Daewoo Matiz
Vicki drives the TVR T350
Tiff and Adrian narrow the field of nine to four Daihatsu Charade, Kia Rio, Ford Ka, Hyundai Gets
Tom at a military vechicle show
Tiff and Adrian drive the final four at the track and on the road. The final two Hyundia Getz and Kia Rio.
Vicki talks about and drives the VW Golf
GTI MK1 and MK2
Tiff and Adrian wih the winner the Hyundai Getz

Next week show is on Drifting.
have we figured out how old these are?
are they worth recording? i have the means
if there is enuff demand for them
i think the commercials ruin show a bit.

give it a try though. see if you can edit the commercials and make it look smooth and send me a copy :wink: