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Speedup Firefox


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Dec 17, 2004
Here are some settings i found on the net that will help to speed up firefox :D

Open Firefox, type ?About:config? (without the quotation marks) and you?ll see a long list of Firefox settings. Find these values and edit them to these new ones:

network.dns.disableIPv6: true
network.http.max-connections: 48
network.http.max-connections-per-server: 24
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy: 12
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server: 6
network.http.pipelining: true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests: 16
network.http.proxy.pipelining: true

Restart firefox and it should go faster. Mainly for broadband users.

If you, for some reason, would want to revert the changes, just change the values back to the default:

network.dns.disableIPv6: false
network.http.max-connections: 24
network.http.max-connections-per-server: 8
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy: 4
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server: 2
network.http.pipelining: false
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests: 46
network.http.proxy.pipelining: false

I used these settings and have noticed a little improvement.
Give it ago and see if it makes a difference, and if not you can always return to the default settings.

Trying it right now...