Splinter Cell: Conviction


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Oct 31, 2007
Harry Baals, Indiana
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*Revives Thread*

Alright, I FINALLY got this and beat it on realistic in one sitting yesterday. Like the rest of you I've been a fan of the previous so heres my thoughts. I actually throughly enjoyed it. I felt like I was making it through the levels pretty effortlessly without being detected. For anyone that was good at the previous and playing stealthy and disappearing, there seemed like so many options on ways to disappear and then flank people that it was just easy, but fun because I felt like I was being creative enough in evading. FUcking pissed Lambert is dead. The Iraq mission was a cool side-story style level. Some of the ending got annoying with the helmeted guys and having to shoot twice in the head real quick if using the pistol to kill them. I'm still disappointed in the lack of some of the stealth gadgets like sticky shockers and the gas on the sticky cams being gone. I found the remote mines to be my favorite gadget.