SPOILER - Corvette Lap Time

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Jan 14, 2004
Faster than I thought, but I was right about one thing, it doesn't beat an Exige. 8)

They did seem to put it above the Lotus though... :?
its a cheap fast piece of shit. ive lost any desire to own one.

sure its fast but it is a bargain basement sports car with that cheap rear panel near the lights and the cheap interior.

besides the fact that it's fast, has heads up display and is affordable its really worthless.

why do we make cheap plastic pieces of crap, cuz we spend our money on going to mars and other shit i guess. :|
Not bad (very good really), but wow...that's cheap materials :lol:

More proof to get a 33K Evo MR instead :mrgreen:
The money we spend to go to Mars are slow crap metal machines :p

i'm downloading it now....

Isn't the MR...it has no AC, no power windows and just mostly for racing(ish)
I'm with everyone else. I wouldn't get the C6 anyday of my life. I'd put that money into better uses... It's almost like driving a new Mustang nowadays... We'll not go into that horrible crap though. Even with the fastest laptime in the world, just being known as a Vette owner scares me... I don't want people thinking of me that way.
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